5 Reasons Why you should gift Mangoes this season!

When asked, most people choose Mango as their favourite fruit. And why not? These are juicy, pulpy, packed with many vitamins and minerals, easy to consume and hit all the right nods in our mouths! Since the season of Mangoes is about to come, we give you many reasons why we think that you should gift Mangoes to everyone. 1. They are a delight for the taste buds 1 There is a reason why the Mango is referred to as the king of fruits. This juicy and pulpy fruit gives your taste buds a sweet rush. No one can ever deny a slice of a Mango. You can even serve them up for desserts as they don’t need anything else. 2. They are healthy Apart from being exceptionally delicious, Mangoes have various health benefits too. It helps in clearing skin, lowers cholesterol, improves eye health and enhances digestion. More than this, since Mangoes alkalize the body, they help to reduce the chances of getting a stroke which is common during the summer season. 3. They are seasonal 3 Mangoes are a seasonal fruit which makes it your duty to share them as much as you can while they are still available. These delectable delights must be enjoyed to the full while one still can. So, send boxes of Mangoes to your loved ones. 4. They are multi-purpose 4 You can just peel a Mango and eat it as it is but there is more to this saffron coloured fruit. You can use it to make refreshing beverages like Mango lassi, Aam panna and milkshakes. You can even make face packs using Mangoes! 5. They come in a number of varieties 6 Mangoes come in a number of varieties. There is alphonsos, dussehri, sindoori, kesari, safeda and much more. Their varieties are so vast that people actually organise exhibitions to showcase them. So, send all the varieties of Mangoes to make your loved ones happy.