5 Similarities between Mothers and Flowers

Happy? Sad? Emotional? Cheerful? Excited? No matter what your feelings might be, you will always find two things around yourself to celebrate them; a Mother and Flowers!

Mothers and Flowers are very similar in nature. They both are nature’s gifts to mankind. They make everything look so easy. Read some more similarities between the two and feel blessed!

1. They make everything sweeter


Flowers and mothers can make everything sweeter. With just a little touch, even the bitterest heart can melt if they want. There is a reason why a Mother’s touch is extolled everywhere.

2. They ease the pain


Flowers and Mother both have amazing healing power. Their touch is nothing less than magic. No matter how hurt you are or how much you are suffering, their presence will ease your pain. You will see them smiling even in the toughest situations. They will lift your pain.

3. They are full of emotions


We know that there is a Flower for every emotion. We have Rose for romance, Gerberas for cheer, Orchids for gratitude, Lilies for joy, Carnations for luck and much more. When you have a Mother, you can find a rainbow of all these emotions inside her.

4. They add colours to our lives


Just like Flowers, our Mothers are also colourful. Wherever they go, they leave their happy tints behind them. If you will follow their trail, you will discover nothing but the best for you! We all need such colours in our lives.

5. They are humble


Flowers and Mothers are full of many unique qualities that no one can ever acquire irrespective of how hard they may work. They surpass all the bars and yet, they are the most humble beings in the entire universe. They give everyone the best without making a noise.

Gift your Mother some amazing Flowers and make this Mother’s Day special for her.

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