5 Summer Friendly Pot Plants

Summer is a harsh season for one and all. From plants to animals to humans, we all need each other to survive in the scorching heat. You can sort to various remedies to keep the inside of the body cool but you need to keep your outside clean and pleasant too if you want to keep yourself healthy in this season.

Plants are exactly what you need to make your environment summer ready. Take a look at these Summer Friendly Pot Plants that can make this season a hit.

1. Boston Fern


Ferns are the reason behind the mountain air being so pure. They act as natural air purifiers. Keep your Boston Fern away from direct sunlight and it will give make the air you breathe dust-free which is what we all need during the Summer season.

2. English Ivy

Houseplants on a gray table

English Ivy is a vine which is absolutely beautiful. You can be as creative as you want with it. Put it in an earthen pot or hang it around to give your garden a fuller look. It will grow perfectly even under the harsh sunlight.

3. Yarrow


Yarrow is a beautiful flower that can survive in any weather which means that you can have them around the year. They require minimal care to produce their brilliant blooms. You can even use them as filler for your DIY bouquets and bunches.

4. Coleus


Coleus is a beautiful leafy plant that will fit in a pot. The leaves are big enough to cover a significant amount of space. It can easily survive in the harsh summer climate and will give your mini garden a beautiful touch with its dual coloured leaves.

5. Spider Plant


Spider plant needs the least amount of care as far as houseplants are concerned. They belong to the grass family. It is a non-fussy plant that can survive even in the harsh conditions. Moreover, this too is a natural air purifier.

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