5 Themed Cake Ideas that Reflect the Feeling of Patriotism

When flags are waving in the air and songs patronizing this great nation are chiming everywhere. You can be sure its Independence Day! On this great day, our country relinquished the yolk of foreign rule and became one of the largest democracies in the world.

Celebrate this joyous day and rekindle the flames of patriotism that burns within you through these special Independence Day theme cakes.


Independence Day Themed Cakes 

No amount of gifts can amount to the inner patriotism and the love you have for the country you were born in. What can shine upon this virtue more than a cake? Here are some special Independence Day themed cakes to the accentuate that spirit of patriotism within you–

  • Specially Designed Indian Flag Shaped Vanilla Cake

With the flag of India against the backdrop of a pristine, beautiful white froth of vanilla cake, nothing can constitute the virtues of love and devotion for your country than this cake. With the colors of orange, white, and green in every layer, spread joy to all corners of your soul with this special cake.

  • Independence Day Cupcakes 

A cupcake is not just a pocket-sized cake in a cup. It is a cake. Small and cutesy, but no less tasty, a cupcake is a cake for everyone requiring a sweet snack on the go. Celebrate this Independence Day with a bang as you get a wonderful tri colored cupcake, in the same colors of the Indian flag. A patriot’s true delight!

  • Tricolored Fruitcake 

Imagine a delicious fruit cake embedded with succulent oranges and a dozen white slices of pear, dotted with pieces of green grapes on top. What could possibly inculcate the spirit of patriotism more than this cake? Wonder no longer, because you can now actually get this cake. Just by a few clicks and you can choose this cake and have it delivered to wherever you want. All it takes is a few clicks. Fly the colors of patriotism and show your love for your country with this special cake.

  • Photo-Printed Cake 

With a gorgeous vanilla cake and a painting of the Indian flag upon its top, few things can foster the spirit of patriotism more than such a sweet and inspirational delicacy.  Bear witness to the very symbol of patriotism, as you imbibe this cake bearing the very image of patriotism, and feel the love for your country grow.

  • Butterscotch Cake Colored in Green, White, And Orange 

There are no cakes that spread joy and delight, like a butterscotch cake. The very flavors and colors of happiness and joy in a cake, this cake is a true delight for anyone on this special day.

  • Heart Shaped Patriotic Cake

Imagine a cake painted with the flag of India that has the shape of a heart. Get this cake and celebrate the spirit of Independence Day in India.  The true spirit of patriotism lies deep in this cake. Experience this as you gorge upon this cake.

“I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism” wise words spoken by the one and only, Bob Riley. Patriotic is more than the love of one’s country it is a sacrifice for the good of the nation.

So celebrate the passion of patriotism with these Independence Day themed cakes, and if you are a vegetarian, you can also get eggless cakes.