5 Things to do When in Love

Love is a feeling so magical and pure. It cannot be expressed in words but it can surely show you stars on a cloudy night. You won’t mind giving in to its addiction. Love is an enchantress that can make you do crazy and romantic things for the one you love. If you are in Love, you should be doing the following things to your partner.

1. Filling their lives with Colours


We all want to give the best to our loved ones. We want to fill their lives with the colours of our love. You can do that metaphorically every day and literally by sending some well blossomed and colourful flowers to them. A room full of flowers or just a single stem, flowers work every time irrespective of their numbers.

2. Showering them with Gifts


We love to see that big smile on our partner’s face when they receive a surprise gift from us. No matter whether the gift is big or small, it is the thought that counts. So,send amazing gifts to your partner and be blessed by their million dollar smile.

3. Making their lives Sweeter



Love is sweet and you can make your relationship sweeter by adding a dollop of chocolate in it. Homemade, assorted, nutty, centre-filled and heart-shaped chocolates, your partner will love them all and you a little more.

4. Taking them to Places



Your love should take you to beautiful places. Plan a trip for you and your partner. Make it as romantic or as adventurous as you want it to be. Go visit the hills, soak the sun on a beach or go skinny dipping. Give your partner a memorable trip.

5. Making the relationship exciting


Don’t let the Love fizzle out. Keep it exciting by trying new things. Enrol yourself in a pottery class, treasure hunt, paintball session or just take out some time to cook a romantic meal together. These fun activities will maintain the excitement and bring you two closer.


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