5 Timeless Inspirational Bollywood Movies for All Ages

They say that “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. If that is true, wouldn’t a movie be worth a thousand pictures? Movies certainly make a picture worth a lot more than just a 1000 words. True timeless classics’ showcasing extraordinary feats performed by ordinary human beings like us is what connects these movies so deeply with our hearts. You can watch these cinematic masterpieces again and again and always feel inspired.

Bollywood masterpieces

India’s Bollywood movie industry is popular throughout the world. Producing some of the best and the most memorable movies, it has gained an unmatched stature across the globe. Here are some of the deep meaningful movies produced by Bollywood, which are sure to touch upon the emotional strands of your heart.

1. Swades

Swades An awe-inspiring movie, that takes up the issue of brain-drain in India. It tells the tale of Mohan Bhargava, a highly educated Indian scientist working for NASA in the USA. He returns to India to visit his childhood nanny. This film subliminally focuses on the issue of brain drain in India. How qualified professionals in India are leaving the country to settle for greener pastures abroad, and consequently neglecting the country they grew up in. A stark contrast is implicitly drawn between NASA’s high tech space research facilities and the rustic outlook of the underdeveloped rural village in which Mohan was brought up, to put emphasis on this aspect. By staying in a rural village with his nanny he encounters a lot of problems faced by the villagers and then he realizes how he can be a significant factor in bringing the much needed change in the place.

2. Lagaan

  Lagaan A patriotic film formed on the virtues of true grit and determination in one of the finest Bollywood classics ever made. The story of Lagaan is set in the period of British rule in India. It is based upon the true story of how the denizens of Champaner, a small town in Gujarat, challenged the oppressive British Regime for a game of cricket.  In addition, a bet was made stating that if the town folks win the game, they would not have to any taxes to the British for 3 years, but if they lose, they would have to pay 3 times the tax. Thus begins the exciting journey of how the people learned about cricket, an unfamiliar sport, and how they were able to stand toe to toe with the British, when the time came.

3. Dangal

Dangal Set in the region of Haryana, the story of Dangal follows around an unlucky man named Mahavir Singh Phogat, a former amateur wrestler and national champion, who was forced to give up wrestling by his father in order to get a proper job. He vowed that his son will one day accomplish what he could not, but was dismayed when he ending up having four daughters instead. To further add to his misfortune, his neighbor complains about his 2 oldest daughters beat some boys. Mahavir however took this as a good sign and began training his daughters rigorously, in the sport that he could never excel in. The story describes the journey of how all his daughters became accomplished wrestlers, and also how his eldest daughter won the Olympic gold medal.

4. Neerja

Neerja This exciting thriller, Neerja, follows the story of a 22-year-old Neerja Bhanot, a beautiful model and air hostess. A terrorist group hijacks the plane she is working on, and rounds up all the passengers in the plane, threatening to shoot them unless their demands are met. Neerja faces the situation bravely, and manages to foil all their plans. At the end after 17 hours of struggle, Neerja finds the way out and opens the rear door deploying the chute, rescuing passengers from the plane. In the process, Neerja is fatally shot by the terrorists when she tries to shield young children from the gunfire. An inspiration for many, Neerja is an example of true grit and courage, who took humanity to new boundaries.

5. Airlift

Airlift A historical drama weaved from the real life story of an Indian business man named Ranjit Katyal. In 1960, Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. With a total of nearly 170,000 Indian citizens caught in the conflict, their only hope was to escape the country by the cargo vessel and take refuge in Jordan, where they would be sent back to India by Indian airlines. What follows is a journey that is as emotional, as it is exciting. Witness the harrowing escape of Ranjit Katyal and his family from Kuwait, and the political negotiations made by the Indian government as they try to secure the safety of its citizens, in one action packed and emotional journey. Whether you are watching these movies with your friend or your family, as you are imbibing a Red Velvet Cake, one thing is for sure that these movies will be stuck in your mind for eternity.