5 Types of Bouquets to Pick for Your Sister This Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a special day when siblings pledge to always look out for each other; it is one of the most celebrated occasions in India. The festival is celebrated across cultures and regions, helping bind the nation together. The rituals of Rakhi generally follow a definite pattern everywhere, wherein sisters tie the Rakhi on their brothers’ wrist, while the brother showers her with gifts and blessings.

For the brothers, it is an opportunity to show how much they love and appreciate their sister and the beautiful relationship that they share. While you might already have planned the gifts and everything, there’s a way to make her feel extra special – with flowers! There’s no better way to flatter her than with a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers. Here are a few ideas to help you pick unique Rakhi flowers for your sister

A Dash of Tulips

A Dash of Tulips

Tulips come in a range of beautiful colors that can never disappoint! She’ll love the pastels – white, pink, and purples, which also look stunning together in an exquisite bouquet. But if she loves vibrancy, yellow is the perfect choice. In the language of flowers, tulips proclaim affection and care.

A Sprinkle of CarnationsA Sprinkle of Carnations

Carnations are effortlessly beautiful. Carnations, called Dianthus in the Latin genus, mean “flowers of the gods”. Fascinating bouquets of colorful carnations make ideal gifts for sisters, friends, and mothers, which also means that they are perfect for festivals like Rakhi.

Some Orchids Perhaps

Some Orchids Perhaps

There are different varieties of orchids available, some very unique, with flowers that are naturally shaped to look like bees, monkeys, or even human faces. These exotic flowers hold multiple meanings of love, beauty, and refinement, and are perfect for sisters.

The Sweet Scent of Daisies

	The Sweet Scent of Daisies

If your sister likes more of the classics, nothing can beat a bunch of daisies for her, which can be bought in an abundance of colors. What you need is a bouquet prepared with an assorted mix of colors and creatively arranged, and these Rakhi flowersfor your sistercan help make a charming statement on the special day.

And the Effervescent Sunflowers


If you are looking to gift something different this Rakhi, go for the pretty Sunflowers. These mean loyalty and trustworthiness in the language of flowers. Also, these look spectacular in well-cut arrangements. Believe us; your sister will deeply appreciate your unique choice.

This day is ideal to thank one of the most important women in your life and celebrate the special moments you have shared together. So, when words fail to express feelings, let an amazing bouquet speak for you this Rakhi. In addition to flowers, you can pick a few delicious gourmet gifts, like her favorite chocolates. She’ll be delighted to receive flowers; after all, which girl won’t?

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