5 Ways by Which Rakhi Strengthens The Bond Between a Brother and a Sister

“Chance made us siblings; hearts made us friends” A quote that pretty much describes every brother-sister relationship.

The bond of purity and tender love shared by the brother and sister is truly a beautiful thing. Rakhi is celebrated once in a year and is also known as Raksha Bandhan. A joyous event commemorating the beautiful bond of a brother and a sister, as they strengthen and support each other throughout.

The highlight of this special occasion is when the sister ties the thread of rakhi on her brother’s wrist. She is in turn showered with gifts and presents from her beloved brother. Whether it is a fashion handbag for his trendy sister, or something cutesy and adorable, like a pink teddy, for his sweet little sister, it is always something that she will treasure.

Ways in Which Rakhi Strengthens The Brother-Sister Bond

The bond of a brother and sister is everlasting. From watching a movie together while imbibing a chocolate cake, to going on an exciting adventure together, the joy is always evergreen.
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Here are some ways in which they may strengthen this bond of oneness they partake in together-

Rakhi Helps in Bringing Siblings Closer

A rakhi is a day dedicated to the purity of the love that is there in a brother-sister relationship. On this day, the sister ties the sacred thread of Rakhi on the wrist of her beloved brother, thanking him for the love and protection he has given her. The brother returns her love, through gifts and presents. This day reminds them of the unrealized importance that they hold in each other’s life. This way the siblings feel connected through an auspicious ritual, resulting in making the bond stronger.

By Sharing Gifts You Get a Chance to Make Your Sibling Feel Special

Whether you give your sweet sister a bouquet of flowers, or an adorable soft toy, it will always cheer her up. She could be a fashionista with a taste for branded perfumes and jewelry, or a techy with a fondness for the latest gadgets, but knowing that it came from her brother is bound to make the gift special.

A Reason for Reuniting

For a brother and sister living far away from each other, nothing is more joyous than meeting one other again. The eve of rakhi makes this possible. Enjoy as they unite once again on this glorious day. Watch the two celebrate with joy and delight, just like they used to do when they were kids.

Fosters the Bond of Sibling-hood

The thread of Rakhi is more than just an auspicious symbol. It is the literal manifestation of the bond of brother-sister relationship that ties the two together. This day helps a brother and sister to realize each other’s importance which otherwise fades away with routine hectic life. We unknowingly take our siblings for granted and expect them to do everything for us as a duty, but this day reminds them of how their being makes hell lot of difference in our life.

Rekindles Childhood Memories

From having wrestling matches with each other, to playing hide and seek in the backyard as children, nothing is more memorable than those magical childhood days that you spend with her. Relive those memories once again, as you meet her once again on Rakhi, after so many years.

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