5 ways to celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi

Holi is the festival of colours which is celebrated in India with utmost gaiety. It is the time when we forget the differences and embrace everyone. Colours, balloons, pichkaris and gujiyas are what complete our holi celebrations. IMGL6075 (2) Apart from being synonymous with rang and gulaal, Holi also stands for the victory of the good over the evil. We get so lost in the celebrations that we don’t pay attention to the harm that we cause to our environment. Don’t let the evil win and adopt these easy eco-friendly ways to celebrate Holi. 1. Alternative for colours 2 One cannot celebrate holi without colours but that doesn’t mean that they have to be rich in chemical and harsh on the skin. You can opt for natural colours or better make your own with ingredients laying in your kitchen like turmeric, sandalwood, fuller's earth, henna. Use beetroot for its rose-pink colour. 2. Flowers are the best IMGL6100 Make your holi celebrations richer and more colourful with flowers. Their vibrant hues will paint the entire place with their natural tint. Apart from contributing their colour, they will also render their beauty benefits and fragrance. 3. Dry Holi 4 No, we are not talking about how you shouldn’t drink alcohol. We are talking about the usage of water on Holi. It is a precious resource and we are already facing the shortage of fresh water.  We must save water every day and to do so on Holi is equally imperative. Throwing water on people makes no sense. It is just wastage of a life-sustaining component. 4. Food is life 5 Holi means that there will samosas, gujiyas, ladoos and glasses of thandai. It is a festival so we can give into these indulgences but keep one thing in mind, take the amount that you are actually going to consume. Do not waste food because not everybody gets it. 5. Look after the empty packets shutterstock_272295743 A lot of mess is created after any kind of party which we clean later on. But we do not follow the same rule after the holi party. We let all the empty packets lay here and there. These packets ultimately go down the drain or into the land which creates pollution. So, make sure that those empty packets reach the dustbins.