5 Ways To Celebrate Hanuman Jayanti at Home

Many gods are worshiped in Hindu culture and as the name suggests, the Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to the birth of Lord Hanuman. The occasion is celebrated on the 15th day of Shukla paksha which is nothing but a period of 15 days during the waxing of the moon in the Hindi month of Chaitra. The hanuman Jayanti is marked as an important festival in the calendar event of Hindu devotees. 

Generally, the occasion is celebrated in the temples of hanuman and the special worships are arranged. But as the lockdown is applied in all parts of India, the people are going to celebrate the Hanuman Jayanti at their home itself. Is it possible to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti at home? Of course yes! You can worship the lord hanuman at your home itself. Here are the five simple ways to celebrate the Hanuman Jayanti at home. 

1. Pay Your Respects to the Idol by Decorating them

You can show your respect and worship to Hanuman by decorating the idol. You can decorate the idol statue either with flowers or garlands. You need not have to go out to buy the flowers; you can buy the flowers from online shopping sites or home gardens. You can pour either ghee or mustard oil on the idol statue and light a small ceremonial candle called a “Diya of ghee”

During this process, you can simply chant the slogans of Hanuman to impress the god. You can also decorate the idol statute with ghee. This is a simple and easy way to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti at home. Whenever you are going to this decoration, the family members will also take the part in this holy action.

decorate your lord

2. Begin Fasting at Sunrise on the Day

The simple way of celebrating the Hanuman Jayanti at home is to begin fasting at sunrise on the day. In order to celebrate the Holy day properly, you can fast for the full day of Hanuman Jayanti. You should not feel like fasting will not come under puja. This is not the case; the fasting is also the one way of worshipping the lord hanuman. 

The fasting is the part of Puja and you can begin your fasting at sunrise. Once after you wake up from the bed, you have to fresh up and worship the lord hanuman. During the sunrise, you should worship the sun and start your fasting and conclude at the end of the hanuman Jayanti. You can conclude by having a vegetarian feast after you worship the lord hanuman idol at your home. When you are fasting, you can have a sparing snack of holy foods known as Prasad. 

3. Paste Orange Tika on your Forehead

The other kind of showing respect to the lord hanuman is pasting orange tika on your forehead. If you want to have some extra luck, you can apply a paste of orange tika when your puja is complete. At the end of any Hindu religious ceremonies, it is common that devotees will paste markings of sindoor on their foreheads. The orange tika will indicate how hanuman smeared himself in the paste to ensure the immortality of Rama.

Normally, when you visit any Hanuman temple, you will come out with this sindhoor. The sindoor will add extra luck to you. The same kind of luck, you will get when you complete your worship at your home.

orange tika

4. Making Milagu Vadai

When you are celebrating the Hanuman Jayanti at your home, you can make and present the Milagu Vadai to the idol statue of hanuman. Making the Milagu Vadai at your home is not a difficult task. All you need to do is spend less than one hour. 

What is the special of Milagu Vadai? This is the common question that can be raised by many people. From ancient times, your ancestors are devoting the hanuman only with Milagu Vadai and ghee. This is because these are some items that can be preferred and liked by hanuman. So you can worship the lord hanuman and be able to get their blessing by placing the Milagu Vadai in front of the idol statue.

5. Read the Holy Scriptures

The best way to celebrate the Hanuman Jayanti at home is by reading the Holy Scriptures like Mahabharata and Ramayana. This is because; it is a private act for yourself to enjoy and you can read the holy books with your loved ones. When you do it with your loved ones, you can get the satisfaction of devotion and Worship. So you shouldn’t hesitate to read the Holy Scriptures and slogans of Hanuman. All these are the ways to reach the lord hanuman.

holy sculpture

The Bottom Lines

The above-mentioned are the five different types of ways to celebrate the Hanuman Jayanti at home. By following these ways, you can reach God and feel the Lord at your home itself. You can get the flowers for decoration from an Online shopping site called MyFlowerTree

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