5 Ways to Celebrate the Magic of Friendship’s Day in College

As the old Sicilian saying goes “Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.” True and crisp as these words are, a true friend represents far more than that.  He or she is a person you can always rely on, someone you can dump all your problems and frustrations onto while receiving nothing but sound advice in return.

Nothing befits this individual more than a grand celebration, we call “Friendship day”. Whether it is about spectating an exciting cricket match together or hanging out in the mall casually window-shopping, a friend will always be there to accompany you when you need it. Trustworthy and loyal to the end, your friend will be the only person who is there for you when no one else is.

Friendship Day

Friendship day in colleges

They say that college days are the best years in a person’s life. From meeting new people and forming new bonds of friendship, to going on exciting and thrilling adventures, a college is a world of its own. On these special days, you meet some of those special people you will meet all your life, some you may even fall in love with, but whatever the case, you are bound to remember them all your life. What better way to make your bonds even more special than by diving yourself into the magic of friendship day?

Here are some suggestions to make this day even more special.

Celebrate friendship day with a bang – Throw a celebration for your friends, just to show them how special they are. Mark the event with joy as you throw in the best friendship day bash ever!

Giving treat to your friends – What better way to fill your friend’s heart with joyous delight than by relishing treats. But don’t forget, what he or she looks forward to the most is your company. So go the treat way for your friend this Friendship’s day.

A hiking trip – Nothing brings about more excitement than a thrilling escapade into the lap of nature. Whether he or she is a lover of outdoors or not, an outing with your friend is sure to exhilarate.

Movie nights– There is never a dull moment when you watch a movie with your friend. From action movies, thrillers, comedy… any genre, your friend is always your perfect buddy to watch it with.

Plan a sleepover – Invite your friends for a lovely sleepover at your place. Get burgers, French fries, cold drinks, pizzas, all and any of that delicious fast food, as you watch an exciting show or movie.

Timeless collages – Show your friend how much you value your friendship by presenting him or her with all the photos of all those special moments. Create a beautiful collage for him or her on this day.

Dedicate a song – Serenade your friend with a beautiful melody sung straight from your heart. Show your friend how much he or she means to you.

Random chitchats with your friends – Engaging in a heart-to-heart talk with your friend on no fixed topics, as you idly sip a cup of coffee, is as relaxing as it is soothing. Spend some quality time with him or her on this fine day.

Take your friend on a vacation – A vacation to a place that you both always wanted to experience, is always a thing of delight to you both. Surprise you friend on this grand friendship day with exactly just that, as you present him or her with the travel tickets to both your dream destination.

Personalized custom made ornaments – Trinkets and jewelry, with a sprinkle of that personal touch is sure to be a delight. Get and customize these objects and present them to him or her on this day.

Send a heartwarming friendship day card – Cards with your very own messages for your friends are always something to be cherished. Get and present them to your friends.

In combination  with all these delightful presents you can also light up the joy of friendship day even more by the best friendship day cakes, gifts , or even Flowers for friendship day.

A true friend

The one person who values you the most is your friend, the one person who supports you through every step of the journey we call life. Whether you are there for your friend or not, he or she will always there to help you.

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