Monsoon, when the winds are sweet, the sky is pouring and the entire place is immersed in a pleasant fragrance. Monsoon means the arrival of rain which makes everything lovely. The Earth rejoices, the greenery returns and everything appear so enchanted.

Not only the earth, the Monsoon season has a huge impact on human emotions as well. We all feel something when we see the heavens pouring but mostly what we feel is difficult to express in words. That is why we have organised this list of songs for every emotion that one can possibly feel during Monsoon.


1. For the First Rain Together

Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua – Shree 420

Released long ago in 1955, Shree 420 gave us the very first glimpse of what romance is, how love conquers all. The song, ‘Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua’ continues to be everyone’s favourite because of its evergreen charm. Black and white film, Raj Kapoor romancing Nargis under an umbrella and rain drenching all over; this song has everything to make it the perfect song to start a conversation that has been a heart’s secret for very long.

2. When you are feeling a little quirky

Ek ladki bhigi bhagi si – Chalti ka naam Gadi

A quirky rain song sung by Kishore Kumar to woo the ever so beautiful Madhubala is a monsoon delight. Kishore Kumar’s delightfully naughty expressions and Madhubala’s docile demeanour are the things that make this song a cheerful one. The lyrics will make you break into a happy dance immediately.

3. For that Nostalgic child like feeling

Bhaage re man Kahi – Chameli

Rains are bound to make everyone feel like a child. This song, ‘Bhaage re man kahi’, where a carefree Kareena Kapoor is dancing in the rain leaving all the inhibitions at bay, invites you to unite with the water drizzling from the sky and feel like a kid again.

4. When the hearts do the talking in the rain

Yeh Saazish Hai boondon Ki – Fanna

Those Monsoon winds and Raindrops create a romantic ambience that can never be replicated by anything else. They cunningly set up a stage to bring the lovers closer. It is the perfect time when you can be with your loved and let the heart do the talking.

5. When you are Feeling Blue

Nahi Samne – Taal

Not everything feels lively when it pours outside. Sometimes, it reminds you of that long lost friend or an incomplete love story. The sense of feeling something blue is beautifully written and composed by the Music Maestro A. R. Rahman in this song. Slow pace mixed with the rain, you will feel light hearted after listening to this.

6. When you simply want to Enjoy the Weather

Barso re Megha Megha – Guru

When you do not want the skies to stop blessing us with that heavenly shower because you love the joy rains bring with you, this song fits the situation just perfectly. ‘Barso re Megha Megha’ is a song that asks the clouds to continue with their amazing job of gushing water drops on us. For all the lovers of the rain, this one is perfect.

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