6 Crazy Pranks Ideas For This April Fool’s Day

April fool’s day is fast approaching and so you need to get ready with some prank options to fool your friend and have fun out of it. Yes! April 1st is such a special day for everyone to make more joy and fun. No one knows the real history behind the fool’s day. However, some people say some stories as the reason for such a celebration. When it comes to the youngsters, this day is more remarkable and most people are waiting for this day. Here are some of the prank ideas that you can make use of to make fun and fool your friends. 

1. Plant a Grass Garden in the Keyboard

When your friend has the habit of making use of the keyboards of either desktop or laptop, this could be the best way to prank your friend. On the previous day or early in the morning, open the keyboard and add some sand into it. Take some small plants or grass from the garden and keep on it. Close the keyboard and set it as it is. The next day when your friend opens the laptop or desktop, it will be the moment to enjoy the prank. Just hide yourself and monitor the activities and reactions of the friend to make your day. 
Plant Grass on your friend's keyboard

2. Install the Air Horn in the Door Wall Protector

Just imagine how you can feel when you are getting a horn sound when you are opening the door. It sounds different and good, right? Yes! This will be the best idea to prank your friend. You need to look for the air horn and stick at the place where the door handle touches the wall. Immediately when the air horn sounds, it will be a crazy moment for your friend. Hide yourself and love the moment!

install the air horn in door wall protector

3. Infest the Room with Fake Rats

No one will like the rats to be filled in the working area or bed unless you are considering it as your pet. You can make some artificial rats gaining ideas from the crafts works. Although it does not look similar, you can make use of it as your friend will get frightened the moment he or she gets into the room. They will feel bad and embracing. This is the moment you need to prank them and love the way they react to your prank and wish them “happy fools day”.

infest with the fake rat

4. Give them a Fake Gift

When something is wrapped with the gift wrapper and if you are presenting it to them, it brings a smile and makes them excited to know what is hidden in the gift wrapper. Make use of several papers and bundle them. When your friend is opening the parcel, he or she needs to keep on opening the different layers of it. When you are sticking each layer, it brings more curiosity. When they find nothing is found in the parcel, it will be the moment to prank them. However, you can also present their original gift to make them satisfied and feel the friendship between you.

Give them a fake gift

5. Play with Fake Insects

When you are visiting some shops, you might have found several images and structures of some insects. When you are choosing the rubber materials, it will be more suitable to have the best prank moments. You can use them when they are opening the car cover, starting to work on the computer, or the best thing would be near him or her in the bed. So, you will be the first one to prank them and enjoy the fun. 
Play with fake insects

6. Create a presence of the Fake Statue in the Bathroom

The next important idea to prank your friend is by creating a fake statue lying in the bathroom. You can make use of the jerkins and jeans pants with some red solutions. Make sure you are so realistic in bringing the exact presence of the man. This will make him or her to get frightened and completely prank the moment they open the door. Make sure you are hidden and near them to recover them from the prank immediately. 

Time to Celebrate April Fool’s Day!

Have you got some ideas to celebrate the fool’s day? In this busy world, most people have forgotten about making fun and enjoying the day. Do not let this happen in your lives as well. Make use of these ideas and you can also create some other ideas to make the day so memorable.  

Along with these, you can also share your love with each other by presenting some gifts. Just visit MyFlowerTree and look for the availability of gifts to present it to your friends. It is now the right time to order gifts and get ready to make the time more fun and memorable. 

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