6 Evils that we need to Fight

The day when Rama demolished Ravana and established the victory of the good over the evil is celebrated every year as Dussehra all over the world. To rejoice the culmination of the war and the triumph of the good, effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnath are burned.


Although Rama killed the three demons long ago, we burn their effigies every year. This is because we have never been able to get rid of the real devils. We are not haunted by Ravana anymore but the things that haunt us are powerful and we need to get rid of them.

These are the true Demons that we need to fight immediately:

1. Corruption

Corruption is nothing but slow poison which is killing our democracy. We may have the right to choose but what is the use of this privilege if everything that is on the table is corrupt? In order to make democracy work completely, we need to get rid of corruption.

2. Pollution

We work day and night to be able to afford the lifestyle that we desire. But, we fail to understand the irony. We might have money to buy the luxury but what is the use of that if we develop the tendency of falling sick because of the pollution? Why do we need to save big for the future generation when all they would be left with are severe climate change and polluted land?

3. Terrorism

It does not matter which area, state, country or part of the world gets affected by terrorism, it is the human life that has to pay the price. Let’s take a pledge to do our best in eradicating this disease.

4. Racism

In term of science we are Homo Sapiens and in the eyes of God, we are his children. We should celebrate our diversity and not work against it. Nobody is superior or inferior. We are all equals.

5. Sexism

Gender does not define your status in the society. In order for this world to function, both the sexes are equally important. So, we should stop stereotyping our roles based on our gender and give equal rights to all.

6. Hunger and Poverty

Our society is a peculiar one. While some are struggling because of overeating, others have to work their way around with one meal in a week. Let’s promise ourselves to stop the wastage of food and feed those who need it.

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