6 Kinds of Exotic Flowers that Grow only in India

India is a land of diversity and wonders. With a distinct vibrancy of cultures, this magical land is home to many, and welcoming to all. Whether it is the rich history and culture or the architectural masterpieces, the wonders of India are as fascinating as they are numerous. What better way to highlight the splendors of this amazing nation than by some of the most spectacular flowers that grow exclusively here? From a palette of a vibrant shade of colors ranging from, red, green, and violet, to multitudes of enriching, aromatic fragrances, exuded by them, one can always gaze in amazement at the sight of these floral blooms, blossoming with delight.

Exotic Flowers of India

Whether it is the rare and exotic Woodrow’s Crinum Lily shining bright, or the gorgeous spectacle of a collection of Ganges Primroses blossoming in a flower field, a flower is always a delight to be dazzled by. Here are some of the most exquisite flowers that grow naturally only in India -

1. Ganges Primrose

Ganges Primrose The Ganges Primrose or the Asystasia gangetica is one of the most gorgeous and unusual flowers. Fast growing and resilient, this flower grows rampantly in the basin of the river Ganges during the months of summer. Available in small, cutesy pentagon shaped petals, and with varied colorations ranging from white, to silver, to purple, this unique flower is one of the most delightful flowers to behold.

2. Woodrow’s Crinum Lily

Woodrow’s Crinum Lily Rare and endangered, the Woodrow’s Crinum Lily is one of the most beautiful floral wonders in India. Growing in Mahabaleshwar and Kates Point in the state of Maharashtra, this large and fragrant white flower is the exquisiteness of nature at work.

3. Law's Ceropegia

Law's Ceropegia Named after John Sutherland Law, the English-born, Indian Civil Servant and botanist who had discovered it, these flowers are one of the most beautiful natural species of flowers. Growing from the Ceropegia plant, these lantern-shaped flowers grow only in the Harishchandragad hill, the place where it was discovered. Primarily white in color, these flowers have a tubular shaped center with five petals that are fused together to form a cage-like structure.

4. Yakla Snow Lotus

Yakla Snow Lotus The Yakla snow lotus is one of the most gorgeous flowers. Found only in the highest regions of Himalayan mountain range, this rare and exquisite flower is a thing of beauty that witnesses admirable glances by the dozen. With petals spread over the blackish epicenter that is surrounded by purple colored hair-like protrusions to act as a temperature regulator, this rare and exotic flower is always a wonder to cherish.

5. Rebe

Rebe The Rebe flower is infused with beauty and medicinal properties. This flower was discovered by Kumar Ambrish and M Amadudin of the Botanical Survey of India. Present only in Upper Subansiri and the Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh, this rare and endangered flower blossoms with small multi-colored petals. With colors ranging from white to pink, the mere sight of the Rebe flowers is spellbinding.

6. Siroi Lily

Siroi Lily The Siroi Lily or the Lilium mackliniae, is found only in the Siroi hill ranges on the Ukhrul district in the Manipur. Growing at a height of 1,730–2,590 meters above sea level, this flower is as strong and resilient as it is beautiful. With bicolored drooping petals of white and pink, the sight of a flower field filled with Siroi Lilies is a wondrous sight to behold. It is said that “when a flower blossoms, the Earth smiles”. Whether you get a flower bouquet or order flowers online, flowers is nature weaving art of its own, leaving us as the privileged ones to experience it first hand.