6 Most Special Designer Rakhi Collection For Brothers

“Yes! You are adopted”, “Mom and Dad love me more than you”, these are the common sayings in the fights and arguments between brothers and sisters in the world. No words can describe the eternal love and beautiful bond between the brothers and sisters. In order to celebrate the strong bond, the brothers and sisters from different parts of India are eagerly waiting to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan in a grand manner.  Have you purchased the best rakhi for your brothers? If No! Then it is time to think about avail the different types of rakhi for your brothers. Instead of tying the old and traditional rakhi on your brother’s waist, this time you can go with some special kind of rakhi. Here is the list of top 6 special rakhis for your brothers to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan grandly. 

1. Designer Rakhi

One of the most beautiful and special kinds of rakhi for your brothers is designer rakhi. The designer rakhi is a combination of both the traditional things and elegant personality. The designer rakhi is nothing but a semi-precious beaded rakhi made in different creative forms.  In addition to your brother, if you want to tie the rakhi for a brother from another mother called cousins, you can go with the designer rakhi. Whenever you approach the old and traditional rakhi shop in your city, you can’t find a wide range of designer rakhi, and the best platform to shop the different sets of designer rakhi is by approaching the online shopping portals. buy designer rakhi online

2. Personalized Rakhi 

You might have noticed the personalization in many gifts. Is it possible to obtain the personalized rakhi for the dearest brothers? Undoubtedly yes! By approaching the online shopping portals, you can purchase the special kind of rakhi called personalized rakhi for your brothers.  As the name indicates, the personalized rakhi is made from including the personal photos or images of your brothers. Like other personalized gifts, customized rakhi will provide a personal and intimate touch to your brothers. Whenever you are tying the personalized rakhi by including you and your brother in a photo, you can have an emotional attachment with your brother. personalised rakhi

3. Zardosi Rakhi 

Whenever you are tying the Zardosi rakhi on your brother's wrist, it will add extra life to the Raksha Bandhan celebration. The intricate designs, high-quality Zardosi silk threads, and expensive appeal are the main reasons to make the Zardosi rakhi as a unique kind of rakhi.  A vast number of sisters in India are moving towards Zardosi rakhi for their dearest brothers. Zardosi rakhi is one of the most desired and higher sales rakhi types in online shopping sites. The main reason for the popularity of the Zardosi rakhi is because of its precious embroidery work. Zardosi rakhi

4. Kids Rakhi 

Are you home available with the craziest younger brother? If yes! Then you have no other option than purchasing the Kid’s Rakhi for him to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan. There are some online shopping portals, which are exclusively available with the latest collections in Kids rakhi The online shopping sites contain cartoon characters like Doraemon, Sinchan, Tom and Jerry, Cars, Mickey Mouse, Chota Beem, and many more. All you need to do is find out your younger brother's favorite cartoon character, and shop the kid’s rakhi from the online shopping sites. Think about a situation, when you tie his favorite cartoon character rakhi on Raksha Bandhan? The kid’s rakhi will surely bring a bright smile on your craziest younger brother in your home. kids rakhi online

5. Metal Rakhi

In order to portray the strong, hardy, and manly look of your brother, you can tie metallic rakhi on the Raksha Bandhan celebration. Unlike other rakhis, the metallic rakhi won’t break easily because of the strong chemical bond. Similar to this, the bond between brothers will get strengthened with the help of the metallic rakhi.  The metallic shine in the rakhi provides a personal and professional look to your brother. When you purchase the metallic rakhi from online shopping sites, you can avail hampers and combo packs with it. metal rakhi for brother

6. Pearl Rakhi 

One of the most suitable rakhis for all age groups of brothers is none other than pearl rakhi. It is one of the most favorite rakhis for many brothers in India because of its classic look. Investing your amount of the pearl rakhi is one of the worthy decisions for the Raksha Bandhan celebration. Whenever you want to purchase the rakhi that meets traditional and modern look, you can go with pearl rakhi. Buy Pearl lumba rakhi


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