6 Special Ways to Confess Your Loveto Your Beloved

You must have watched numerous romantic movies and read several books on love by celebrated authors; but when it comes to confessing love in real life we all take to some serious pondering. And why shouldn’t we? After all, it is a very special person who you wish to share your life with; you want to make the confession as special as possible for them to realize how deeply you adore and care for them. Confess Your Love There is something extraordinary about the firsts, be it the first time you met your beloved or confessed your feelings to them. Such moments tend to stick to one’s mind for an entire lifetime. Therefore, it becomes even more important that your confession is well-planned. To help you ease your mind and nail that special move, mentioned below are 6 successful ways you can confess your feelings to your darling –

Through a Sweet Surprise

Let’s start with a classic and effortless way to declare love. When it comes to love, sweets somehow seem to fit the bill perfectly. No one says no to these treats. Sweets, unlike many basic food items, can be considered as a delicacy, and are known to develop happy vibes when consumed (dark chocolate, for instance). A box of chocolates or a heart shaped cake holds the right charm and luxury required for the occasion.

Let Nature be Your Associate

Natural phenomena, such as rainy days or a night of starry skies have an inexplicable fascination about them, which is almost intimidating. This makes them a perfect time for all romantic designs, be it a confession or a date. So you could make use of such an opportunity to pull off a disclosure of your love as well. You could set on a long drive, if it’s a rainy day, and stop at some beautiful and less crowded spot to frame your special scene.

A Special Date

Arranging a special date to confess your love shows that you hold the person in high regards and are ready to make special efforts, even if it’s only to please them. It could be a special candle-light dinner or a movie night. You could begin with the classic bouquet of roses and finally advance to the confession part. To add more spice to the event, you can arrange some romantic music and lights.

Set on the Trek to Love

Beautiful sceneries work wonderfully towards building enthusiasm and positivity in people. They make your heart full. What better opportunity to confess your love to someone than the moment when they are relaxed and beaming with joy? Set on a trek to some breathtaking hill top and when you have finally reached the top, get on your knees and let your heart out.


You can always use a skill or two if you’re a crafty person. From special handmade cards or beautiful sketches/portraits to a souvenir, there are a lot of things that you could bring into use for a confession. However, the less talented lot need not lose their eagerness.  As long as your emotions are true and you mean every word that you say, even a simple cardboard confession, just like in the movie Love Actually, will do the trick.

Go Public

This is one thing that might take a little more courage than the others. But now that you have set on the journey of love, you better be brave-hearted. There are various ways to publicly confessing one’s love. For example, you could do it while in their favorite concert, which will make the occasion really memorable. If both of you are a little techy and don’t mind social platforms and global attention, a YouTube video is a good way to go too. However, if you are not very well-acquainted with the person or haven’t known each long other enough to be actually sure of this whole thing, you should forget about confessing publicly. Whatever you do, just remember that this entire plan is about the two of you; hence, be yourself, no matter what.