6 Unique Cartoon Cakes For Your Kids

Gone are the days where you go to the nearest bakery and buy the available readymade cake or order for the cake a week before with some regular shape or design. Now, with the development of the internet and the eCommerce industry, there are different types of cakes available today. You can personalize the design of the cake based on the purpose and occasion. 

So, what can be the level of creativity in the cake? Forget about the round, square or rectangular cake, what can the new cake design surprise your kids? Generally, the love for the cartoon characters is huge when it comes to kids! So, why do you look for the cake with the cartoon characters? 

Continue Reading to Explore Some Ideas on Cartoon Cakes!

1. Minion Cake 

Kids all over the world are great fans of minion and they admire the characters greatly. These tiny creatures are so lovable among and the kids do not stop falling in love with the character and the activities they do. When you present the cake in the shape of a minion on their birthday, their joy would know no bounds and they will enjoy the moment with thrill and excitement. Just look for the online cake delivery and you can easily buy them. 

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2. Mickey Mouse Cake

One of the cartoon characters that rule the childhood for most people is the Mickey Mouse. No doubt that your kid would be a fan of Mickey Mouse and adore him. So, what else can it be best to present on their birthday? This delicious birthday would be the sweet surprise on their birthday that will bring a smile on their faces. They would also be mesmerized looking at the design of their lovable cartoon character in the cake and it will add more to the celebration. 

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3. Barbie Cake 

If your kid is the girl, she would love to adore and play with the Barbie doll. You might have presented her the Barbie gifts. Why shouldn’t you look for the Barbie cake on their birthday? This would make it more on their birthday and do magic to make it the most memorable day. It will certainly win the heart of your daughter and it brings you tons of kisses and hugs in turn. So, the day is not only happy for the kid but the entire family as well. What can be great other than this on a special day? Look for the right cake shop and order cake online immediately.

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4. Winnie the Pooh Cake

Winnie the Pooh is the cutest cartoon character that your kid would ever come across among the different cartoon characters. If you are looking for the most memorable gift for your kid on the birthday, this would be a more suitable one. This cake will bring sun spirit of Pooh the bear and a bright smile on the face of your kid, which will make your day as well. This mouth-watery cake could justify the complete value of the celebration. 

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5. Doraemon Cake

The robotic cat, Doraemon is an adorable cartoon character that brings joy for the viewers through naughty and funny things. Your kid’s childhood would not be fulfilled unless it enjoys such cartoon characters. Bring the cartoon character found online in front of your kid in the form of the cake and make them surprised and joyful throughout the day. When you buy online cartoon cake, you can have the required flavor and design as per your wish.

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6. Tom and Jerry Cake 

Among the different cartoon cakes, Tom and Jerry Cake holds the top priority. No kids can say no to these cartoon characters. Every kid loves these cartoon characters and fun among Tom and Jerry. When you present this cake, they will be surprised and enjoy the celebration time completely. What do you need more than looking at them and their joyful face? Order the cake and make the moment more personalized. 

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Time to Order the Cartoon Cake! 

Thus, you might have just through the different ideas on cartoon cakes. It might be your son/daughter or you need to send cake online to any of the other kids. These cartoon cake ideas would be more suitable. Apart from kids, most cartoon characters might have inspired your loved ones since their childhood and even as they grown-up up they love these characters. So these surprises can be extended to the elders as well! 

Now, are you looking for the right online shop to order the cartoon cake? Visit MyFlowerTree! It is one of the leading online portals that offer personalized gifts for different occasions. Look for the availability of the carton cakes and different other options to make them personalized. Place and the order and enjoy presenting it makes them happy and you enjoy their happiness. 

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