6 Useful Vastu Tips For Indoor Plants

Vastu shastra is a traditional method that helps on plans to originate architecture. Still, the beliefs over the Vastu shastra are increasing on people to incorporate anything in their construction to combine with positive energy and eliminate the negativities. There are some theories behind creating the garden in architecture too.

Are you looking to incorporate an indoor plant garden in your construction? It is a great idea. There are some indoor plants that help the tenants to energize with positivity. This article will be valid for you to balance your indoor garden with the best plants. You will get information about indoor plants and their Vastu properties from the following lines.

  • Where are You Planning to Locate Your Garden?

It is essential to get the vastu tips for indoor plants to design your garden style. The Vastu shastra properties will help you to alter the inhabitant mood significantly. Besides, it ensures health and prosperity for everyone in the architecture. Vastu Shastra notes behind the garden will add compliments for the indoor surfaces to eliminate negativity around the architecture.

When you have the idea to incorporate an indoor garden in your home, make sure about your ideas. The theories behind the cultivating garden, decorative garden, and tree garden will differ depending on their qualities. Therefore, get the Vastu ideas as per your gardening purposes.

Where are you planning to locate your garden

  • The Theory Behind Directions in Vastu Shastra

The north-east section is an agent for water, the center location accounts for space, the south-west direction stands for the earth, the south-east speaks for fire, north-west betokens for air. It is the theme behind the vastu shastra for architecture. It is applicable for incorporating garden in indoor or outdoor of the home to increase the positive energy. Avoid making the garden in the south-east or south-west to avoid tension. Verify the indoor plants vastu tips to avoid creating your indoor garden with vastu-compliant.

The theory behind directions in Vastu Shastra

  • How Will The Combination of Vastu and Plants Energize the Garden?

Incorporate the plants in corresponding directions as per best vastu tips for indoor plants. It will improve the positive vibes with fragrance too. According to that, tall trees are best to plant in the west, south, and south-west direction of the garden. Incorporate that in the east or north side of the indoor when looking to add small shrubs in an indoor garden.

Be sure to maintain a minimum distance between shrubs and trees to let them grow without any dominations. At the same time, avoid incorporating plants in shadow regions to keep them away from shadow on peak time.

How will the combination of Vastu and plants energize the garden

  • What are The Plants Suitable to Incorporate into The Indoor Garden?

As per the Vastu methodologies, there is a list of plants that are suitable to incorporate indoors and unsuitable for indoor to boost negative energies. Including the plant in the room as per its theme.

The tulsi, bamboo shrubs, money plant, Aloe vera, Rose, jasmine, and basil are suitable for the indoor garden. Avoid arranging the plant in the bedroom. Avoid thorny plants, creepers, and such stable shrubs who never grow to be away from negative energy and trouble. If you’re looking to buy new indoor shrubs, it is best to buy the indoor plants online at the best rate and receive it on quick delivery.

What are the plants suitable to incorporate into the indoor garden

  • Properties of Indoor Plants and Vastu Shastra

Each indoor plant has unique characteristics to attract positive energy in architecture. Vastu shastra has mentioned the feature of the best indoor plants and their corresponding garden direction. You will know that from the following lines.

Tulsi plant will plant in the sections of the northern, eastern, and north-eastern side of the house due to its positive influencing quality. The plants of jasmine, lemon, money plant, and basil are considered lucky ones to bring happiness and luck. It basically brings luck when it includes in the north-east sections. Bamboo shrubs are considered the best ones to eliminate the negativity in the home and bring prosperity, health, and wealth.

Properties of Indoor plants and Vastu Shastra

  • Properties Behind Arranging The Indoor Plants

However, planting rapid growth plants is best to improve your health and keep you filled with fragrance. When you’re looking to arrange the indoor plants, consider the stalks and their meaning to avoid unlucky factors. Plan to buy indoor plants online as per the stalks arrangement to line the plants. If you’re looking for a happiness factor, arranging the stacks in three formats is ideal. As per Vastu Shastra, five stalks will signify good health for the inhabitants. To connote harmony, consider arranging the plants in six stalks. Similar to this, stalks of 8,18,28, 38 have a significant reason.

Properties behind arranging the indoor plants

Winding Up

Think, you take a quick look about useful vastu shastra direction tips for indoor plants with their beneficial characteristics by going through this article. Design a garden with reasonable and decorative plants within perfect height to avoid drying and letting die.

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