6 Ways you can make your Home look Beautiful on this Diwali

Diwali is a festival that we all love to celebrate. With a lot of family time, there is a lot of lights and decorations as well. We all want our homes to look bright and beautiful to welcome goddess Laxmi. This Diwali, do not go anywhere but create your own craft. Decorate your home with your own style by making these easy DIY crafts.

1. Disco CD 2

Gone are the days when we would use CDs. They just lay here and there in our houses. Now is the time to take those old CDs out and convert them into a piece of art. Let your imagination flow. Cover those CDs with quilling artwork and hang them in your house.

2. Paper Cut Centrepiece 3

We all want our huge tables to look the best on Diwali. For this, we go out and buy those expensive centrepieces. At times, we don’t even get what we want. So, don’t go anywhere and create your own centrepieces. Bring out your favourite coloured paper and a pair scissors and fashion whatever you want!

3. Tin Can Craft 4-1

If we were to count the number of useless tin cans lying around in our homes, the numbers will be huge. Don’t waste those cans as they can be converted easily into beautiful Diwali decoration material. Just cut them into circles and cover the edges with beautiful festive sheets. Put diyas or candles inside them and hang them anywhere.

4. Use those Paper Cups 5

This year, instead of hanging those boring old lights outside your house, try putting them inside paper cups. Get coloured paper cups and make a hole in them. Now, adjust the lights into them and you have the most beautiful lights for the entrance gate. You can use your last year’s lights as well.

5. Mason Jar Lights 6

If you are a fan of those pixie lights, you are going to love this idea. Put your pixie lights inside some Mason Jars. You can make a string of them and hang them or just scatter them all around. Switch off all the other lights and let these Mason Jars spread their magic.

P.S. they work wonders if you are hosting Diwali Party. They set the perfect ambience.

6. Tape it up! 7

One of the easiest DIY Diwali decorations is this one. Just get some coloured tapes and Tealight Candles and encircle the candles with coloured tape. You can take it to the next level by encircling the lights in different types of laces as well.

Have a wonderful and safe Diwali!