7 Beautiful Phases of a Brother-Sister Relationship

The relationship of a Brother and a Sister is a potpourri of various colours. If one takes a deeper look, they will realise that this relationship is magnificent, pure and honest. There are a lot of different phases that they go through together. Sometimes they hate each other while sometimes they adore the other’s existence and that’s what makes this relationship unique.


Here are the seven phases through which these two go through:

1. Welcoming the little one

The first phase of a brother-sister relationship is when one welcomes the other in this world. The older one gets so excited when it sees the little one for the first time. Leaving the sight of the new baby is no longer an option.

2. Personal Toy

As soon as the little one starts responding, it becomes the personal toy of the older one. The older one carries the younger one around everywhere. In every play, the older one involves the younger one. They don’t want to separate at any cost.

3. Making the Mess

Now that they both have grown up, it’s time to cook up some mess. De-ploughing the garden, raiding the kitchen or painting the entire house in the ‘not-so-coordinated’ colour scheme. This is the time where their shenanigans give their parents nightmares. But what can be done? They are the partners in crime!

4. Hating each other

After having each other’s back, there comes a phase where a brother and a sister starts growing apart. With different needs, preferences and lifestyle, they just don’t want any kind of interference from the other. But, since that is bound to happen, they start despising each other.

5. Understanding the Needs

After the countless fights, the brother and the sister finally start understanding each other. Now they have crossed the age where they thought that they are the most important person in the world. Now they can understand how the other feels and what the other needs. This is the best time.

6. Being Together

Since they can now understand each other in a better light, they become inseparable. They realise that they are each other’s best friend. They go for the movies and coffees together. They can genuinely talk about what is happening in their lives and that makes them inseparable.

7. Going Different Ways

After everything that they have been through, it’s time now that they go their separate ways. It is the price that they have to pay for growing up. The harsh reality that they must face. The separation is painful but their love continues to deepen.

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