7 Best Places To Celebrate Holi In A Different Style

It is now the time of the year where everyone can enjoy the festival of color, “Holi” and spread love on the day. This festival is celebrated in different forms and excitement. From indulging into the traditional rituals to making joy out of the latest fun opportunities with bhaang, the festival is an absolute delight. When hearing the name of the festival, one thing that arises in the mind is spraying colors and drenching in the color water. This is the common practice of celebrating Holi and it denotes sharing of love and joy. When you need to explore more about the festival, you can visit lots of places and know the way that the festival is in different regions.

1. West Bengal 

You can visit Shantiniketan University in West Bengal. It is the place where the great nobel laureate and poet, Rabindranath Tagore introduced the Basant Utsav to relive the ancient tradition in the early days. Even today, this culture is being followed and people celebrate the festival in the unmatched zest and vigor. You can also enjoy Holi among the students and enjoy the festival time.

Happy Holi

2. New Delhi 

With the kids turning into color hooligans and elders crazy with some fun and frolic, the city gets completely crowded and you can feel the new experience of the Holi celebration. If you are lucky, you can also try for the “mad moozik” festival, holy cow, which is the most happening festival in Delhi. with some kickass line up like the country’s best independent music acts, Holi Cow is the way of celebration that’s favorite for most of the people.

holi celebration

3. Manipur

Commencing on the full moon day of Phalguna, the festival of colors comes with the great Yaoshang Festival of Manipur and this is the six days celebration. It is quite a cultural extravaganza to witness with several dancers along with the music performance. This aims to amid fluorescent lamps and they also lit some bonfires to put on when people play with gulal.

manipur holi celebration

4. Punjab

When you visit Punjab, you can celebrate with Sikhs, which is different from the other types of celebrations. The people in the area shout their hearts out follow their tradition. Further, they will also exhibit the martial arts on this particular day. They will have different colors in the evening and celebrate the festival.

holi celebration in punjab

5. Hampi

It is rare to find the celebration of the festival when it comes to south India. However, due to the presence of more number of western tourists in Hampi, this will be highly famous in the city. Besides, to the use of the color powder and liquid, the celebrations of the in Hampi will engage you in the riot of music and dance as well.
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6. Purulia

It is the 3-day long Basanta Utsava, a folk festival celebrated in Purulia. This celebration starts before the actual celebration of the Holi. The local people in this area sing dance and exhibit their unique flock art to entertain the people. This availability of different folk dances will cover some stunning chau, Natua, and Darbari Jhumur. When you visit here, you can also listen to the popular Baul musicians of the singers of West Bengal and this makes the Holi celebration more special.
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7. Udaipur 

When you need to enjoy the royal and absolutely spectacular celebration of Holi, Udaipur would be the best choice. On the day of the festival, The Maharaja of Mewar welcomes the most honorable guest from the foreign tourists and several other dignitaries to The Royal City Palace. On the day, the Maharana arrives at the celebration and he will be wearing traditional clothes and lit the bonfire in the expensive ground of the palace. This bonfire signifies the triumph of good ever evil. There are drums, folk dances and folk songs that are followed by the lavish dinner, cocktail and wonder fireworks to celebrate the festival. 

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Time to Visit the Places!

When you need to enjoy the complete fun and joy in the Holi celebration in the destination, you need to place well in advance. Every place has its own specialty in celebrating the festival. However, it is up to you in deciding the type of way and best fun you need to have in the celebration. Plan now and visit the most destinations to enjoy the festival of colors.

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