7 Delicious Theme Cakes Whose Price Won’t Affect Your Budget

A theme cake is the central feature of any party and getting the best cake is a must for the ones hosting the party and seeking to make a statement. Sometimes, lifting the vibe of the party with a theme cake can be a bit tight on the budget.

Fret not! We made a list of some theme cakes that fit the austere fiscals and don’t burn a hole in the pocket. Read on:

1. Fashion Theme Cake

Fashion Cake

From the little black dress to the spesh lipstick created with luster dust, a fashion theme cake has it all. Also, you don’t have to even worry about the cake price as you can customize your theme cake with the essential elements that you require.

2. Football Theme Cake

Football Cake

No matter what the league-position of your favorite football club is, if you are a true football fan, you will always say this is our year. To celebrate your year, get a football-themed cake without worrying about the theme cake price and cheer for your team.

3. Galaxy Theme Cake

Galaxy Cake

One small step for a cake, a giant leap for the party. The mesmerizing galaxy theme cake will make your fantasy of living in the stars definitely come true.

4. Pubg Cake

Pubg Cake Price

“Gather Around” and do a “Winner Winner Pubg Cake Dinner” to celebrate your multiple kills. If you are a Pubg fan, then don’t think about the Pubg cake price and order one Pubg theme cake today.

5. Friends Theme Cake

Friends Theme Cake

The evergreen Friend’s cake is to celebrate your friendship and balance your mood as well as your budget. Salute your friendship with friends’ cake and your money will say “I’ll be there for you”.

6. Cartoon Cake

Cartoon Theme Cake

If you are a kid at heart and still want to dive into the pool of gold like Uncle Scrooge, go for a cartoon themed cake. Be sure to get the best cartoon cake price or you’ll make uncle Scrooge angry for wasting money.

7. Profession Theme Cake

Profession Cake

“I have the best job”, this is one line that people rarely think of. If you are thinking that you have the best job in the world then don’t delay and order a profession theme cake as per your occupation, because such feelings about the occupation don’t stay forever. So, just seize the moment.

We understand that not everyone is Mr. Money Bag. The above-mentioned cakes cost really less when combined with MyFlowerTree coupons. MyFlowerTree is one such place where you will find all types of cakes at reasonable prices. So, don’t wait to just order your cake and enjoy. Happy eating!

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