7 Dialogues that we grew up listening from our Indian Mothers

Growing up in an Indian household is a potpourri of experiences. There is a constant reciprocity of ideas and teachings. Apart from playing with kids and learning from the elders, we grew up listening to certain mother-specific dialogues that were common in all the regions of India. Here are a few just to give you a dose of nostalgia right before the mother’s day.


1. Bistar se nikal ja, Nalayak! (Get out of the bed, you good-for-nothing!)

We all have grown up listening to this morning prayer from our mums. This was her favourite wake up call. But mother, sweet mother, if only you could understand how comfortable our beds are and how soothing is the morning sleep, you would never question our love for the catnap.

2. Mujhse aise baat mat karo! (Don’t talk to me like that!)

Who hasn’t been in that tough spot where your mother constantly nags you and encourages you to come with an answer to justify your actions? After that tedious provocation when you finally gather up the courage to give her a reason, she will quiet you down by saying, “Mujhse aise baat mat karo!”

3. Har samay bahar ka khana kyu khana hai? (Why do you always have to eat out?)

We love your cooking and do not go out that much. Actually, you multiply our outings automatically with the magical number three. So, even if we eat out once a week, it magically converts into thrice a week. Also, if we will eat out, it will save you from all the labour.

4. Bhagwaan ke liye hi kuch karle! (Do some work for God’s sake!)

From Nursery to working for the NASA, your mom was never be satisfied. The moment she saw you sitting idle, she would assume that you are doing nothing with your life and would somehow manage to get you out of that couch.

5. Log kya kahenge? (What will people say?)

That was her biggest fear. What will people say? What will they say about short dresses or ripped jeans? What will they say about your spiky look and bike rides? So before you do anything, recall your mother’s dialogue once.

6. Kamse kam apna kamra hi saaf karle (At least, clean your room!)

Okay, this was actually our fault. We got fed up listening to this dialogue, but in all honesty, did we actually keep our rooms clean (we all know the answer to that). Every alternate day, these were the kind words she’d say and every alternate month, we would actually clean our mess.

7. Phone me hi ghuss ja! (Enter the phone!)

Dare to go near the virtual territory and there will come a shrill firing of sarcastic bullets. Moms really hated it when we picked up out gadgets, especially our phones. Even if that little cellular device has been with us for just a fraction of second, she will ask us to either go inside the technology or drop it.

All of her assertive dialogues either ended with an exclamation point or a question mark, there was no other way. But we have to thank her as these were the things that kept us on our toes and helped us achieve our dreams.

MyFlowerTree wishes all the ladies a happy mother’s day and on our behalf, thank you for your sarcastic yet, kind words.

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