7 Most Loved Desserts from Around The World

The taste of a dessert lingers in one’s memory for a long time. Whether it is the creamilicious chocolaty taste of a black forest cake or a silver plated thali filled with Kaju barfis, no experience can match upto the savoring of a dessert.

Whether it is a grand birthday bash or a gift to a sister on the day of Raksha Bandhan, no event or occasion can be complete without the sweet taste of desserts.

Best of all, you no longer have to run to the local store to avail them. Now anyone can easily get the online desserts and sweets delivery service. Packaging and customization can also be specified. So if you want that chocolate bouquet you have been craving for so long, you know where to get it from.

Here are some of those desserts that you should indulge in, at least once:

1. Aam Shrikhand (India)

Aam Shrikhand

A specialty of Gujarat, this is a dessert made with finest hung yogurt and the most succulent mango salad chops.

 Sweet and refined, Aam Shrikhand or “mango and yogurt” is definitely one of the finest desserts to savor.

2. Raspberry Cheesecake (US)

Raspberry Cheesecake

With a creamy layer of whipped cream and cheese, sandwiched between spreads of raspberry and chocolate granules, who can resist the joy of a raspberry cheesecake?

It may be raspberry, it may be vanilla, but what it surely will be is mouthwatering delight and ecstasy.

3. Lamington (Australia)


Known as the land “down under”, Australia is no stranger when it comes to producing cakes and desserts. One of these desserts is the Lamington. Originating right from the heart of Australia, Brisbane. Lamington is a delightful little square shaped spongy chocolate cake.

Furthermore, you can even customize them with raspberry, lemon, and various other fruity flavors.

4. Toffee Pudding (UK)

Toffee Pudding

Britain’s premier dessert,this sweet and sticky amalgamation of caramelized sugar, and butter, a toffee is always a delight to taste.

Heat it in an oven and mix it with butter and flour to make a pudding out of toffee and maximize the taste.

5. Fruit Galette(France)

Fruit Galette

A dessert that has its roots in the country of France, this is one of the finest and desserts to partake it. Some call it a tart, some call it a pie, but no matter what it is called, one simply cannot ignore the sugary crunchiness and the mouthwatering sweetness it exudes.

 What better way to accentuate this taste than by an infusion of the most succulent fruits? Get the crunchilious taste of this fine dessert combined with the essence of the best fruits.

6. Tiramisu (Italy) 


A specialty of Italy, dessert consists of ladyfingers dipped in coffee and mixed with egg, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, giving it one of the finest desserts to experience.

 Best eaten after imbibing a glass of Disaronno, or Italian liquor, this is dessert truly something special.

7. Koeksisters (South Africa) 


A traditional South African delicacy, this dessert is an infusion of dough and honey or syrup.

There are many versions of this dessert, but the one that stands out the most is the crispy, plait-shaped dumpling that has a cake-like texture. Koeksisters are one of the finest and most popular desserts from South Africa.

No matter what your tastes are, these desserts are guaranteed to please your senses. As the renowned author and publisher Lea Mishell once said “Life’s short. Eat dessert first, work less, and vacation MORE!!”

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