7 Types of Rings You Can Gift to Your Girl to Express Love

Gifting your girlfriend a ring might be the best idea when it comes to gifting your girlfriend jewelry if you wish to confess your deep love for her or if you wish to commit to her and your future together. If you are thinking about buying a ring for your girl which is a sign of commitment you need to tread carefully when looking for the right ring. Look for something that is of great significance to both of you. Here are the 7 types of rings you can gift to your girl to express your love. Have a look at it.

  1. Mejuri Ceramic Band Ring

We will forgive you if you haven’t noticed, however, unpretentious rings are present all the fad. These skinny bands are sometimes stackable with alternative rings and may be worn on any finger. Some come with no decoration, whereas others embody a touch of one thing, like the Mejuri Ceramic Band Ring. The white ceramic band is about in an exceedingly 14k yellow gold band and appears notably elegant on dainty fingers. In addition, you’ll be able to have the inside of the ring graven with a word or date up to twenty-five characters long. This ring will tick all the boxes because it is the best rings for girls.

Mejuri Ceramic Band Ring

  1. Birthstone Rings

Kill two birds with the gesture of gifting her a birthstone ring. Combine the celebration of Valentine’s Day with a birthday and gift your girl a ring featuring the relevant month’s birthstone. Birthstone rings for girls online are available in different sizes and 3 colors of metal. These dainty pieces are handmade and so they may vary slightly in color, but they never dip in quality.

Birthstone Rings

  1. Set & Stones Presley Stacking Ring

Counting down the theme of slim rings, you can go for Set & stones Presley stacking rings. They are sold in sets and are stacked from two and up on fingers up to the wearer’s comfort. These handmade rings are featured with a solitaire made of cubic zirconia, sometimes featuring stones that are designed to sparkle. It is so affordable that you can buy more than one for your girl to stack them on her fingers.

Set & Stones Presley Stacking Ring

  1. Mejuri Tarot Strength Ring

Proposing to your girlfriend isn’t the sole power move you’ll be able to make. Gifting her with the Mejuri Tarot Strength Ring can be specifically what’s on the cards. It’s obtainable in 5 different sizes so they’ll suit all the fingers. On the front oval panel of the ring, it displays a close card image. Be grateful to your lucky stars for your woman with this ring.

Mejuri Tarot Strength Ring

  1. Mejuri Monochrome Garnet Ring

Opting for a statement ring is always a smart move to impress your girl. It is made into the best statement while most of the rings are meant to blend with an outfit. This chunky band which is available in three color variations can be exchanged with burgundy or black band alternatives if your girlfriend is not a fan of gold. So as a statement gemstone that adds a touch of luxury to any outfit, send rings online such as green topaz, citrine, or garnet.

Mejuri Monochrome Garnet Ring

  1. Mejuri Twist Ring

Our loved ones always wish to keep us grounded, so that simple twist rings are a perfect ring that you can opt for your beautiful girlfriends. It is certainly true with the Mejuri Twist Rings that good things come in small packages. This 14k gold slim ring will last forever and is guaranteed not to oxidize or discolor.  So it can be used as daily wear too. The ring has a fair pricing scheme ensuring that you will be getting a quality piece at a fraction of the cost a fine jeweler will charge you. It is usually best to avoid large diamonds when shopping for a ring that is not an engagement ring. However, gold is always preferable.

Mejuri Twist Ring

  1. Solid Gold Symbol Ring

Consider buying a solid gold symbol ring, if you are searching for something a little bit finer than a fine piece of jewelry. By gifting this special ring, you are symbolically giving her your heart, or at least she will see it that way.  It is a handcrafted ring that is available in different symbols like a hashtag, ampersand, quote, plus as alternatives. They are gorgeous online rings for girls. You can customize them as per your wish to a symbol or a letter that is so close to your heart.

Solid Gold Symbol Ring

Bottom Lines

A ring is a sign of commitment whether you are looking for an engagement ring or not. Make sure that you choose a high-quality ring that will help you to demonstrate your love and commitment to her best. Buy rings online for your girl from the above-mentioned exotic collection and make her fall for you.

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