7 Unique Gifts to Present to Your Brother on The Eve of Bhai Dooj

Every year on the 2nd lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the Hindu calendar, Bhai dooj is celebrated. This eve marks a beautiful celebration of the bond of fondness and affection that ties the brother and the sister together. A simple, yet highly auspicious rite, the bond of sibblinghood between the brother and his beloved sister is joyously reciprocated as the prime delight of this eve. Bhai Dooj Gifts

The Sacred Ritual of Bhai Dooj

The highlight of the eve of bhai dooj is when the sister applies the sacred tilak on her brother’s forehead, bestowing good fortune upon him from the Gods themselves. Here are some of the steps that undergo in the sacred ritual of bhaidooj: 1. The sister applies the sacred tilak on the forehead of her brother and prays for his well being. 2. She then performs an aarti for him and showers him with divine blessings, in the presence of the holy flame. 3. The brother in return, returns auspiciousness and joy by multitudes of lavish gifts and blesses her. 4. With both delighting each other through special bhai dooj gifts and wishes, the joy of this eve is propagated throughout, as all bhai dooj observers rise up and celebrate this occasion.

Gifts Exchanged on Bhai Dooj

With delight and joy, the celebration of bhai dooj is always special. Gifts are exchanged, treats are shared, and wishes are traded, as all dress up in their finest attire and celebrate this glorious occasion. The brother and the sister being the two main highlights of this eve, celebrate this momentous day with great joy together. Here are 7 unique gifts that the sister may shower her beloved brother with on this joyous occasion –

1. Adding a touch of delectable sweetness to his taste-buds by sweets

Available in a variety of different shapes, flavors, sizes and packages, sweets are always a joy to cherish. From Gulab Jamuns, to Kaju barfis, nothing enamors the palate more than sweets.

2. Delighting the inner bibliophile in him through some unique e-books  

Books are doorways to the world of one’s imagination. From an action packed novel writted by Fredrick Forsyth, to a magical fantasy story written by Brian Stavely, a book is a bibiliophile’s best friend.

3. Gift baskets loaded with a delightful assortment of goodies

They say that surprise is the best gift of all. What finer way to present a joyful surprise gift than a gift basket filled delightful surprises? Watch the smile on the brother’s face split wide open as he explores the gift basket and unravels the mysterious goodies laid in it.

4. Grooming kits to make him look his best

Looking the best is something that all yearn for. With a grooming kit packed with shaving foams, deodorant sprays, shower gels, etc. manufactured by internationally renowned brands such as Gillette, Park Avenue, and Old Spice… who can be less than overjoyed by a grooming kit?

5. Chic and trendy every-day apparels

Clothing apparels are always a delight to wear. From Classy pinstriped black suits, to yalk-hide jackets, apparel is a thing to always look and feel the best. They are one of the most perfect gifts for any brother on the eve of bhai dooj.

6. Accessories to adorn oneself

Who cannot be enamored by the beauty of an accessory? From dazzling gold bracelets to simple metal pendants customized with engravings of the sibling’s names, an accessory is always a special delight to be adorned by.

7. Sleek and powerful gadgets that are masterpieces of technology

The technological wonders of gadgets feel almost like magic on the fingertips. From a wireless Bluetooth speaker with crystal clear audio output, to a smartphone with the power and computation capabilities of a desktop computer, a gadget is one of the most special gifts to delight your brother with on bhai dooj.