8 Gifts as Tokens of Appreciation for Your Mentor

Who can forget the timeless dedication of a teacher? With virtues of never-ending wisdom, patience, and perseverance, he or she has been our guiding light through every step of the journey we call life. Whether a teacher is with us or not, the positive mark that he or she leaves in our lives always remains.

Gift for Teacher's Day

History of Teacher’s day celebration

India is a country that holds teachers in one of the highest regards. Ever since ancient times, teachers or gurus have always been revered. This timeless tradition has been carried forward till this day.

It was popularized when Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the 2nd president of India, and a great teacher himself, proclaimed that on the day of his birthday on 5th September, a celebration honoring teachers will be held honoring teachers.

And thus began Teacher’s day.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Every year on 5th September, a special celebration ensues, honoring and revering the presence of teachers in our lives. Presents and an assortment of unique gifts are given to this person, as tokens of appreciation, by his/her students in gratitude for all that he or she has done.

Here are 8 special token of appreciation to present to your teacher on this special day –

1. Autobiography of Great Indian Legends

Reading through the autobiographical works of great legends is always splendid. Whether it is the life of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, or it is the autobiography of the famous Indian Physicist and visionary, Homi Bhabha, an autobiography is something that a teacher will always be overjoyed to receive on this special day.

Nothing is a finer way to express your gratitude and appreciation for your mentor than by an autobiographical work written by a great Indian legend.

2. Handmade Card

It could be an intricately designed card made from the most gorgeous decorative paper, or a special hand designed card made out of paper cutouts, a handmade card is definitely one of the most perfect ways to express your appreciation towards your teacher.

3. Photo Collage

A series of photos bearing images of those special moments you shared with your teacher is something that will always be treasured. Present your teacher with a collage of these wonderful photos and see the joy of your teacher on this special day.

4. Pen with a Pen holder

A pen manufactured by internationally renowned brands such as, Parker, Mont Blanc, and Sheaffer is always something special. What better way to highlight the sophistication of a pen than by a beautiful pen holder accompanying it?

Express your undying gratitude towards him or her as you gift the best teacher’s day pen and pen holder

5. Personalized Mug

A mug personalized with a picture of that special moment you shared with your teacher printed on it is always special.

Imprint a wonderful heart-felt message on it and see the joy on his or her face as you express your gratitude. After all, what better way to express your gratitude towards your teacher than by a few personalized gifts?

6. Flowers

Flowers are always special. Whether it is a bouquet of blue orchids, or a basket of yellow carnations, it is always joy and delight.

Nothing expresses your gratitude for your teacher than a bouquet of these exquisite floral beauties.

7. Home-baked Cake

Sugary, moist, and spongy, the joy and delight of a cake is something to always be delighted by. How special would it be if the cake was baked personally by you for your teacher?

Experience the fond memorability and joy of a home-baked cake as you present your teacher with something that you created out of your heart.

Just like the lucky bamboo, a token of appreciation presented to your teacher fills his or her mood with unending joy and delight.

After-all, a teacher is like a candle that illuminates our lives with the light of knowledge.