8 Most Searched Questions on Coronavirus(COVID-19) During Lockdown

1. Why is this lockdown initiated by the Indian government?

People from Wuhan, China experienced some symptoms and they found it to be serious. Several people also resulted in fatalities. This started spreading to other countries from people who travel to those countries. In January 2020, India found the first case from the persons who returned from China. Then, it started to spread in India. At the same time, some other countries like Italy, Spain, Iran, America, and several other countries were severely getting affected by COVID-19. Understanding the seriousness of the issues, The Prime Minister, Modi initiated complete lockdown from 24th march and this will for a period of 21 days. 

2. Can people go out during the lockdown period?

The lockdown aims to make people stay in their home and so, the virus might not affect the people and spreading might be controlled. However, as the lockdown is for 21 days, it is not possible for the people to stay at home completely. So, considering certain things, the government has given some exceptional cases. These include some emergencies like moving to the hospital and medical shop. Further, there are some other exception cases like moving to the market for buying things for cooking. 

3. What are the strict restrictions to be followed during the lockdown? 

As the aim of the lockdown is to restrict the spreading of COVID-19, all the activities where people assemble as the crowd are strictly restricted. No religious congregations are permitted during this period. Any gathering like social, sports, political, cultural, religious, marriages are also restricted. However, there is an exception in case of a funeral where only 20 persons are permitted for it. Even in some important cases like marketplaces, medical sop, etc, people need to maintain some distance from one person to the other. 

4. What are the departments that will be working during the lockdown period?

Considering the wellness of the people, it is not possible to lock down all the departments. So, some departments are working with some restrictions. Some places like ATM, petrol pump, and grocery stores will be open. The government sectors like the Ration shop, bank, police department, and several other departments also will be opened. Some of them will be running only for a short period in a day. Some sectors like banks will be working all day, but only some emergency services will be offered. 

5. Can this lockdown be beneficial to save people from COVID-19?

The aim of the lockdown and such effectors taken by the government is to stop spreading such harmful viruses. When the government does not take such efforts, it is not possible to control the spreading of the virus. The population in India is 132 cores and also the medical facilities are less in number. So, prevention is the only thing the government can do and it is going on the right track. If this lockdown is not initiated, the spread of viruses might have been too high where things may go out of control. 

6. What can people have and do not have during the lockdown period?

All the hospitals and other related medical dispensaries, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, nursing homes, will be open. Further, ration and grocery shop, milk booth, hotel (only parcel facilities), will be open. Several other departments like banks, insurance offices, electronic media offices, prints, and e-commerce service providers will be open. Fuel stations, power generation, and distribution units and several other essential commodities will be serving the people. 

Tourist places, transport, religious worship, will be shut. Thus, the government has taken all the steps to make the lockdown without harming the daily lives of the people. However, some people are affected due to this long period lockdown. 

7. What are the actions taken against the people who step out during the lockdown? 

It is advised for everyone to stay in their home seriously. Unless it is very important, it is not right for the people to step out. The police department is working day and night monitoring the people. So, if it is found that the people are violating the law, severe punishment is given for the person. In some cases, some cases are also filed for their activities. Thus, people need to understand the seriousness of the issues and the efforts of the government taken to prevent it. Only this can help to prevent COVID-19 among people, which will be a huge victory for mankind. 

8. Will lockdown and isolation help 100% for the prevention of COVID-19? 

Yes! Corona is transmitted only from one person to the other. It is not by animals or any other means. Also, remember that medicine is not yet found for resolving the disease. Thus, self-quarantine and social distancing will be the only life-saving medicine for now. So, stay alone and fight against the killing virus.  

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