8 Plants That Thrive in Low Light

Wanna create an amazing indoor garden atmosphere with a limited palette of plants that thrive in low light? Well, many indoor spaces or balconies are overshadowed by walls, ceilings, tall trees, and tall buildings. Some indoor spaces are usually cast in complete shade most of the time, while others may enjoy a short period of sunlight before lapsing into shades again. At such times, it can be indeed a dubious task to maintain a thriving indoor garden. Well, keep all your worries aside, as there is a range of houseplants that will flourish in small, shady spaces. Some of the indoor plants that thrive in low light and are a must-have for such green spaces have been listed below.
  1. Snake Plants

Snake plants top the list of plants that thrive in low light. Also known as Sansevieria sp, this plant is one of the most tolerant plant varieties. This low-maintenance plant can be easily neglected without proper care for a week at length and still manage to look fresh and elegant.  With tall, skinny leaves and attractive foliage, they definitely stand out. The flowers of snake plants are very fragrant and resemble small lilies along with a single stem. Snake plants
  1. Peace Lily

Peace lily is a low-maintenance indoor plant that is well-known for its beautiful large white flowers. You will surely be fond of ordering this plant from an online plant nursery as it doesn't require much light and can handle occasional over and under-watering. Above all, the fragrance that Peacelily fills the room with is a bonus to relieve stress and to keep your mood perfect. Peace lily
  1. Devil's Ivy

If you are on a hunt to find the best low light plants, then you can never go wrong by choosing Devil's Ivy. Commonly known as pothos, these long vining indoor plants can reach lengths f about 15 feet or more. This popular houseplant is one of the best easy-to-care plants as it won't mind even if the soil dries out. It's quite hardy and looks pretty which makes more people to Devil's Ivy to deck up their homes. So, order pothos now from your favorite online shop and add it to your balcony garden. Devil's Ivy
  1. ZZ Plant

Are you looking for an indoor plant that can be easily neglected at home? Well, this tall stalk ZZ plant would be an ideal pick. This plant has unique rubbery leaves in deep green color and won't mind being left alone. It requires a moderate level of sunlight but can thrive in shades making them the best plants for homes and offices. The best thing about ZZ plants is that they can be presented as gifts to your close friend who is often busy with his work and life. Buy plants online now and surprise your best buddy on his big day! ZZ Plant
  1. Bamboo

Actually, these plants need low light and make the best gift for housewarming. If your close ones have moved to a new house, then it is ideal to present this lucky bamboo plant to bring peace, love, and good luck. Place this low-maintenance house plant near the window for ample sunlight. Bamboo
  1. Chinese Evergreen

Looking for a special indoor plant to light up a dark corner with a little color? Well, Chinese evergreen would be an excellent choice for you! With stripes and speckles, this beautiful house plant can withstand a lot. This rock-solid plant requires fewer amounts of sunlight and needs to be watered once in a while when the soil goes dry. Your novice indoor gardener friend will love to receive a Chinese evergreen as a gift as it doesn't require much care. So, opt to order this lovely house plant whenever you wish to surprise your loved ones with something valuable and healthy. Order now! Chinese Evergreen
  1. Ponytail Palm

This charming house plant got its interesting name from its skinny leaves which sprout from the stalk that is thick to hold water. Although it doesn't need someone to spend a lot of time caring for it, this plant would definitely make a great show when added to your home. Shop now and add an extra amount of beauty and freshness to your indoor spaces. Ponytail palm
  1. Spider Plant

If you are fond of brightening your indoor spaces with a hanging plant, then a spider plant is a perfect choice. Spider plants will tolerate indirect sunlight and it likes to get slightly dry between watering. If you want to propagate some of yourself, then opt to take a baby plant and set it in a dish of water until new roots sprout. Spider plant

Bottom Lines

Indoor plants are so magical that they deck up any spaces they are kept in. So, choose the best low light plants from the above-mentioned list and order them online to bring positivity to your house. These low-light plants will surely add a dramatic touch to your indoor spaces and serve as a focal point of the room!