8 Special Ways to Maximize the Joy of Diwali

The joy of Diwali celebration is almost endless. Through a variety of unique treats, gifts, and fireworks, everyone lights up in this joy-filled celebration. Feel the joy of Diwali emanating from all who celebrate this occasion as immerse yourself in the celebration.

8 Special Ways to Get The Most Out of the Diwali Celebration

With fireworks lighting up the night, and people from all over dressed in their finest attires and sending wishes to their folks before sharing scrumptious Diwali treats, the joy of Diwali is always palpable.


Here are some special ways to joyously celebrate Diwali through and the get the best celebration of the eve.

1. Try making a Rangoli This Time

Generally, colorful and decorative rangolis are spread across the entrance of every residence on Diwali. Made from brightly colored powder, the patterns and designs of rangolis are nearly endless. Try to add some colours this Diwali with beautiful and enchanting rangolis.

2. Cleaning the Locality

A clean environment is essential to healthy living. What better way to spread the doctrines of the healthy lifestyle than by cleaning your locality. From properly disposing empty non bio-degradable plastic wrappers lying on the streets, to clearing overflowing garbage cans, cleaning the locality is one of the most perfect ways to spread the message of cleanliness on Diwali to all.

3. Say no to Firecrackers

Bursting firecrackers can give you momentary joy but the harmful effects that they have on the environment and the people are severe. Fireworks are known to spread smoke and create noise pollutions, thus making the environment hazardous. Additionally, fireworks are known to cause many accidents. This is why the supreme court of India has banned all bursting of fireworks in Delhi. You too should say no to fireworks and celebrate a happy and safe Diwali.

4. Offer Prayers to Deities

The divine blessings and teachings of Gods and Goddesses have always carried us forward in life. Through their teachings we have attained peace and prosperity and have been able to overcome the many trials and tribulations in our lives. Hence it is our duty to offer our prayers to them and seek their blessings on this auspicious eve, so that they may continue to make their mark on our lives time and time again. And yes! Don’t forget to be a part of the evening Aarti on Diwali.

5. Start your Day by Touching the Feet of Elders

Through their wisdom and their ever-inspiring guidance, the elders in our families have been instrumental in holding the family together. Obtaining their blessings on this auspicious eve is truly a special way to celebrate this auspicious eve of Diwali. Pay homage to all that they have done, and pay your respects to them on this occasion by starting your day by touching their feet.

6. Cook a Diwali meal for your Family

Food is always a delight. Whether it is a scrumptious gourmet meal or an exotic delecacy, a treat for the palate is a treat for the soul. But it could be even better if that food was made personally by you for your family. Dedicate your family with a scrumptious meal that you have personally cooked and see the happiness sparkle on their faces as they relish the Diwali meal.

7. Volunteer for Stray Animal Shelters

The eve of Diwali is a celebration of joy for all. Showering love to the many stray dogs and cats, who have been living all alone on the streets, can be a great way to share the warmth of Diwali. Volunteer for such a cause and provide shelters to these lovable animals.

8. Donate to the Less Fortunate

Why not share the joy of Diwali with people who are unable to celebrate it by themselves. Whether due to financial constraints, or due to certain unfortunate circumstances, some people don’t get the comfort of their homes and are living their lives in less savory places. Kids in orphanages or old people in the old age homes need the love and care that we look forward to receive on Diwali. Donate your bit to make this Diwali special for them!

Getting Diwali Gifts

Diwali is a joyous festival celebrated all over the world, not just in India. In countries like UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Diwali is celebrated with equal gusto and merriment. One can even send special Diwali gifts to their folks in India from foreign lands. For instance, if one is living in London and he or she wants to send a special Diwali gift to his folks in India, it can be done online easily.

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