8 Ways to Make It Up to Your Beloved When You Forget Your Anniversary

Some call it “human error”. Others prefer to call it “the crime of the decade”.  But whatever the case is, a forgotten anniversary is not something that can be overlooked. Imagine a special day that happens once a year that you had been preparing for since the start of the year, spoiled all because your beloved didn’t remember it!
Now imagine if that situation is reversed, how would you feel if he or she had forgotten this special day? Thankfully there are ways you can make it up to him or her. Here are some suggestions –

1.Apology Cards

Cards can be a great way to express how you truly feel. Decorated with intricate design patterns, with a memorable message inlaid inside, it is a sure shot way to strike upon that emotional core. Nothing is as simple and elegant than by conveying your apologies through a card. Get an apology card, and tell your loved one how much you truly regret missing your anniversary date.

2.Personalized collage having your best moments –

Photos to show all those magical and special moments of time you spent with your beloved, is sure to strike a chord in his or her heart. Relive those magical moments once again, as you seek his or her forgiveness, and promise that you would cherish him or her for life.

3.Dinner at the favorite restaurant combined with special surprises

Give your loved one a special treat. Take him or her out to a favorite place that you both enjoy dining at, and give a special treat. From something rich and gourmet like a lamb roasted in oyster sauce to something simple and light-hearted, like a samosa, or maybe a delicious and healthy eggless chocolate cake, you will be guaranteed to bring that dazzling smile on your partner’s face.

4. Movie night with you beloved

Planning a romantic movie night with him or her, to make it up for not remembering your anniversary day? Then you certainly have the right idea! Sit back, relax, munch on a bag of crunchy popcorns, and enjoy the movie on the big screen in each other’s company. A single movie date can be the perfect way to light that spark of romance once again.

5.Romantic beach getaways

When thinking of going on a romantic escapade with your beloved, the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean come to mind. Lush and picturesque, with sea waves gently touching upon the shore, what can be a better way to show him or her, your unending love, than by nice relaxing vacation on a beach.

6.Throwing an apology party

Nothing says sorry louder than an apology party. Order a chocolate cake, get some flowers, and invite your friends, and have a great time, as you show him or her how truly sorry you are.  So order that special anniversary cake and show your beloved how truly sorry you are.  They say that there is nothing a party cannot deal with, apology included.

7.Tattoos representing special meanings

The name of your better half permanently written on your body, along with the dates on which you both romantically united, is truly a special way to signify the everlasting love. Draw these tattoos on your skin and reciprocate that bond of love with each other.

8.Customized t-shirt

A t-shirt imprinted with those three magical words “I am sorry” is something that is both emotional and strong. There can be no better way to show him or her, how sorry you feel than by wearing a shirt bearing that message.
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