9 Common Trees Which Will Help you to Make Medicines

When we speaking about medicinal herbs, generally people will think of some small weeds and flowers growing at the edge of that lawn found on the roadside. On the other side, the trees are also a great source that will offer you great medicine for curing several diseases and pain. Historically, several countries were forested and the people are using the medicines from trees to stay healthy. Here are some of the medicinal trees that will help you with the best medicinal values. Continue reading to find such important medicinal trees.

1. Birch

The birch leaves are used to make tea and this tea is a great source to heal the mouth sores. When taken internally, the tea will also help to purge kidney and bladder sediment. It will also help to incur rheumatism. When you have this tea, it will be slightly sedative and it will help you to get rid of sore muscles. Some parts of the tea like leaves, bark, twigs are used in the preparation of tea.

Birch Tree

2. Willow

Willow barks are a great source to reduce fever and inflammation. Further, it will also help in healing the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. It will also help in protecting the heart. Some in-digestive capsule of willow bark is the great source to naturally buffer. Some other components like bioflavonoids are also present in it which will help in reducing body pain.

Willow Tree

3. Oak

Leaves and bark of oak are astringed, which means it will shrink and tone tissues as they are healing. It will also help for fever, sore throat and phlegm found in the lungs. The tea prepared from it will help internally and externally to shrink varicose veins. It will also help in fine washing for sore and skin irritation.

Oak Tree

4. Alder

It is commonly used for washing wounds. It is astringent and helps to pull the edge of the wound. The leaves and bark from the trees can be made as tea and you can also enjoy some other benefits for curing fever and tonsillitis. The leaves of alder can also be used in the poultices to dry the breast milk.

Alder Tree

5. Beech

These beech trees have distinctive, smooth bark, which will resemble the skin of an elephant. This bark can be consumed as a tea to cure some lung problems like tuberculosis. It will also help in cleansing the blood some pregnant women have to avoid it. The bark of the tea is also a form of good wash for poison ivy. Beech leaves can be used in poultices for frostbite and burns.

Beech Tree

6. Cedar

Cedar is the evergreen tree with a branched trunk, flat scale-like leaves. It has reddish-brown bark that hangs in the hairy shreds. Tea can be prepared from this tree using the leaves and twigs. This tea will be high in vitamin C and helps to cure several health issues that arise out of lack of vitamin C.

Cedar Tree

7. Elm

It is medium-sized trees with grayish bark and it is found near the streams. The inner bark will be sticky and fragrant m when it is fresh and so it is used as a medicinal one. This will be made into a paste on applying water. Later, it can also be used as the poultice to injury for flesh, bone, ulcer, gunshot, swelling, tumors, chilblains, abdomen on draw fever out and several others. It is also a perfect substitute for milk for babies when it is allergic to cow milk.

Elm Tree

8. Hazel

These are traditionally used by the dowers to find some hidden sources of water on the land. One important medicinal value is it is suitable for kidney-related issues. These are further used to cure tumors and ulcers. When you need to buy this tree, you can look to buy plants online and you can enjoy the benefits of the plants.

Hazel Tree

9. Holly

Mountain holly is generally small place trees that are oval and have fine saw-toothed leaves. This is the best medicine for some issues like fever, diarrhea, ulcer, eruptions, herpetic and jaundice. These are used in the beverage tea. When you love to grow such trees, you can look for an online plant nursery and buy these plants.

Holly Tree

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