9 Delicious Dishes to Savor on Eid

Eid is the festival of love and kinship. Filling the atmosphere with joy and delight, people everywhere rise up and celebrate this festival of joy.

Wondrous gifts are exchanged, sweets and treats are savored, and smiles are lit, as an atmosphere of happiness fills the entire society.


Special Treats for Eid

No occasion is complete without some special treats. Whether it is something hot and spicy, like a rich mutton stew mixed with an assortment of spices, or the sweetness of almond flavored milk, with semolina and vermicelli, it is always delightful to savor.

Here are 9 of the most delightful treats to celebrate this special celebration –

1. Mutton Haleem

Haleem or Daleem is one of the most delicious and popular dishes to savor on this occasion.

Made from a combination of wheat, barley, minced mutton meat, lentils, and an assortment of spices, this dish is delicious to taste, as it is to see.

2. Awadhi Biryani

The fragrance of the most relishing mutton cooked alongside a pot of flavored rice, as it wafts through the air, drowning your senses in joy is truly a delight.

With chunks of mutton pieces marinated with ginger-garlic paste and dry roasted with all the exotic flavor-filled spices, who can resist indulging in the taste of this mouthwatering Eid treat.

3. Zarda Pulao

Originating in the Indian city of Hyderabad, this sweet tasting dessert is one of the finest treats to savor on this special occasion.

Made with Sweetened rice, milk and ghee, and garnished with an assortment of dry fruits presented at its side, this is a dish that a must definitely taste.

4. Seviyan

A North Indian delicacy with a unique twist added to it, the elegant, sweet tasting dessert named seviyan is something to always be delighted by.

Made from Vermicelli, milk, rose water, and almonds, the mouthwatering taste of this spectacular dessert is something to always be enamored by.

5. Shami Kebab

One of the most delicious and highly renowned snacks, the Shami Kebab is light-hearted and delicious.

Made from a paste of minced mutton, cumin seeds, chana dal, and an assortment of spices comprising of cinnamon cloves, black pepper, and garam masala, this is truly a feast for your taste buds.

6. Shahi Tukda

First made in the Indian city of Hyderabad, this crunchy and delicious, sweet tasting dessert is an absolute delight to cherish on this occasion. Comprising of bread, dipped in condensed milk, and a variety of different dry fruits, this is one of the finest desserts to celebrate this grand occasion.

7. Phirni

Originating from the Northern reaches of India, Phirni is one of the most delectable desserts to savor on Eid.

Made from ground rice and milk, and garnished with almonds, saffron, tapioca, and cashews, this sweet tasting treat is undoubtedly one of the finest treats on Eid.

8. Khajoor Ka Halwa

A famous and exotic Arabian dessert witha unique twist added to it, celebrating Eid with a plate of Khajoor Ka Halwa is as delightful as it is joyous.

A sweet tasting combination of dates, lentil, and almonds crushed together, along with a garnish of nuts, cashews, raisins and pistachios, this sweet treat is one of the finest culinary masterpieces to reciprocate the joy of Eid with.

9. Sheer Khurma

Light, sweet tasting, and deliciously mouth-watering , a bowl filled with sheer khurma is as splendid to look at, as it is to taste.

With a mix of almonds, and vermicelli, dipped in milk, and stirred with sugar, savoring the taste of Sheer Khurma, lights up the joy of Eid.

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