9 Essentials That Every Travel Enthusiast Must Carry Along

Travelling and exploring different places is as joyful as it is rewarding. It broadens your horizons and inculcates the spark of adventure in you. Whether it is exploring new lands, or meeting new people, or even experiencing new cultures and delights, travelling is a delight to all. So be sure to dive into the spirit of adventure as you seek out new wonders. It is after all, the journey that matters, not the destination.

Travelling essentials

To get the most out of the journey, one must always be prepared and well stocked for the journey. One must realize that anything can happen at any time, and personal safety cannot be lax, especially when treading on unfamiliar grounds. Here are some tools that every traveler must travel with –



Whether it is travelling or hiking, a shoulder slung day pack is always apt for any journey. From storing your wallet, water bottles, passports, or anything, a day pack is your personal all-in-one storage case for all your travelling needs. Rugged and versatile, you can carry your day pack anywhere you want, with all your stuff in it.

2. Flashlight


Treading in dimly lit area with little or no light, can always be a hurdle. This is why a portable battery powered flash-light should always be kept on standby. The only source of light in dark places, a torch is absolutely essential, especially for outdoor trips. It is recommended that it be durable and capable of operating in all conditions.

3. Cloth drying rope


Water soaked clothes are always a trouble for any travels. This why, carrying a strong and sturdy cloth drying rope is always recommended. When you are in the outdoors, and travelling be sure to always pack one in your travelling bag.

4. Earplugs


Carrying earplugs to block off aircraft noises and other loud sounds are highly advised. Put them on your ear drums and get relax as you experience peace and silence.

5. Towels/handkerchiefs


Towels and handkerchiefs to dry you off, or wipe your sweat stained face, or to dry your body off after a nice shower, is a must have for all travelers. Never forget to pack some towels and handkerchiefs.

6. Swiss army knife


Cutting, attaching screws, or even peeling off the skin of a fruit, a swiss army knife is a multipurpose tool for all. Reliable and durable, even astronauts in NASA use this. An essential for every traveler.

7. Zip locked kit bags


Portable and light, these bags are fitted with zips, perfect to carry a toothbrush, a shaving kit, or something, and best of all, you can easily fit them in your bag. Something every traveler should have.

8. Universal Adapter


An all in one adapter is always good to have. Whether it is for charging your devices, or connecting them to a power outlet, these adapters are an all in one tool for all your gadgets, whether it is cell phones, music players, GPS devices, etc. they work for all. Be sure to carry one of these at all times.



One pocket sized tube with ten thousand uses. Superglue can be used for a varietyof purposes. From mending your suitcase, to repairing your shoe, or even fixing a leaky tube, there is one fix for all. Just be careful not to glue your fingers together

At the end of the day, you will discover that travelling is reward in itself. There are so many interesting things to explore. The green plants that you have seen online, or that exotic pudina mint plant that you only thought existed online, you might be fortunate enough to see them with your own eyes. It is as one of the most famous traveler and explorer Marco Polo once said “I did not tell half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed” .

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