9 Interesting Facts About Dhanteras You Probably Didn’t Know

Dhanteras is one of the auspicious occasions celebrated in India. The day falls on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha. It marks the beginning of Diwali, the festival of lights. Literally, Dhanteras means wealth (Dhan) and 13th (tera). It is the day for celebrating wealth on the 13th day of Karthik according to the Hindu calendar. On this day, it is believed that buying gold and silver to home brings good luck and prosperity to the family. There are several facts about dhanteras that are even unknown to this generation.

Many mythological stories depict varied interesting things about the festival. As it marks the first day of Deepavali, there comes a list of special occasions following this day such as Bhai dooj, little Diwali, and Govardhan pooja. This article will aid you with some known and unknown facts about the holistic festival Dhanteras.

Things to Know on the Day of Dhanteras

As mentioned earlier, it is the day marking the celebration of wealth and prosperity, every member of the family tries celebrating it well with all its essence. Even though it has greater significance in Hindu Mythology, there are several stories and beliefs behind the celebration of the holistic day. Read on through the well-known 9 interesting facts about dhanteras, that might help you to explain to the one who is unaware of this festival:

  • How It Is Celebrated

    On the day, buying jewelry is an integral part of the celebration. By this way of celebrating, it is believed that abundant wealth and prosperity would be showered on the whole family. It is one of the known dhanteras facts. And also, people do decorate their home with rangolis and other colorful things so as inviting Goddess Lakshmi to Home.

How It Is Celebrated

  • What Are The Rituals

    People illuminate diyas and candles outside their homes, which is known as the Yama Deepam to ward off Yaman, the God of Death. The day is also believed to bring light over the darkness. The whole decoration of the house makes the celebration mode even better with family and friends.

What Are The Rituals

  • Which Deity Is Worshipped

    Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on the divine day as Lakshmi emerged during the Samudramanthan along with Lord Kubera, the god of wealth. Also, some of them worship God Dhanvantari who came up with a pot of elixir, who is believed to be the divine doctor.

Which Deity Is Worshipped

  • How Puja Is Performed

    On this auspicious day, People offer prayers to Lord Lakshmi, by placing seven grains in front of the photo and seeking her blessings. On this day, married women do observe fast for the wellness of their better half and at the time of moonrise, they break the fast with Dhanteras special items.

How Puja Is Performed

  • How Hindu Devotees Associate The Day

    Have you ever wondered how the day is associated with the devotees? The day for them is interesting and they buy gold, silver utensils for the home with the hard-earned money. And it is also believed that the day is the best to venture into a new business as it brings success in abundance.

How Hindu Devotees Associate the Day

  • What Is Yamadeepdhaan

    The day is also known as the day to offer deep or light to yamarajan, the god of death. It is to prevent the accidental and unfortunate death of family members. A Diya is lit on the entrance of the house facing south which offers prayers to Yamarajan. This is one of the unknown facts about dhanteras festival by many.

What Is Yamadeepdhaan

  • How Does The Name Dhantera Arrived

    Dhantera arrived from the name Dhanvantari, who is also known as the God of Ayurveda. He is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who appeared out of the ocean as the result of churning done by Gods and Demons.

How Does The Name Dhantera Arrived

  • Mythological Tale

    Apart from the story of Dhanvantari Maharshi who came out from the ocean with a pot of Amrit, there is another story believed by Hindus about this auspicious day. It is about the prediction of a 16-year-old king’s son. The prediction was that he will die on the fourth day of his marriage due to a snake bite. The yamaraja who came to the day as a snake left him unharmed as his wife surrounded him with gold and jewels to make a bright room.

Mythological Tale

  • Why Gold? The Vital Part

    You might wonder why this yellow metal is so significant on the day. As mentioned above, the story makes the devotees believe that buying gold and lighting up the entire house with diyas bring good luck and no harm to the family members. Therefore, buying gold, silver, and even expensive utensils is considered to be a process of bringing wealth and prosperity to the home.

Why Gold The vital Part

Final Verdict

The above mentioned are some of the few interesting things about dhanteras. Hope this content has given you the knowledge about how the fateful day is celebrated and what all are the significance of the day. May the light bring new dreams and hopes to your family and all the success.