9 Mouthwatering Traditional Diwali Treats for Your Dear One

The colors and lights of Diwali are always spectacular. Every year on this eve, a grand festival of joy ensues with gusto and joyous revelry. The whole nation rises up in celebratory delight, as the magic of Diwali spreads to all corners of the country.

But it’s not just India; people from countries such as Singapore, UK, Sri Lanka, Canada, etc. also join in on the celebration of Diwali.

Diwali Gifts Ideas

The Origin of Diwali

Diwali is one of the most highly celebrated festivals in India. It has roots in the tale of Ramayana written by the great Sage Valmiki.

According to the tale, Lord Ram, the prince of Ayodyha, was sent into exile in the woods for 14 years by his stepmother, Kaiyeki. While he was there, his wife Sita was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana and taken to his kingdom where she was held hostage.

The story goes on to tell how Ram rescues his wife and ultimately defeats Ravana in battle, vanquishing him in the end.

According to the tale, Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years, with his wife Sita, where he was crowned king. All the heroic trials and tribulations on his arduous journey were celebrated along with his return to his home kingdom. Diwali marks the day of Lord Rama’s triumph over evil!

The Celebration of Diwali

Fireworks symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, bursting all around, the delightfulness of Diwali is reciprocated by all with zeal and gusto.

Wishes are exchanged and treats are shared, as all dress up in their finest attire and light up the sky through Diwali fireworks, signifying the triumph of good over evil.

Special Diwali Treats

What is the celebration of Diwali without some scrumptious delicacies to delight the taste buds?

Special, mouth-watering and auspicious Diwali treats are shared by everyone with their folks, friends, and dear ones. They are one of the definitive highlights of this festival.

Dressed up in their finest attire, people from all across the country immerse themselves in the joy of this splendid eve as they get treated with multitudes of special snacks that undoubtedly one of the finest delights for the palate.

Whether they are your family, your friends, or your colleagues, a Diwali treat is guaranteed to be a treat to fondly cherish for a long time. Here are 9 mouthwatering traditional Diwali treats to enjoy with the others –

  • Plate of Juicy and Spongilicious Gulab Jamuns

Comprising of flour or maida rolled into a ball, and fried brown in sugar syrup, before adding condensed milk and butter, the Gulab jamun is a delicious and spongy sweet to always enjoy, especially  on Diwali. When a group of them is served on a plate, who can resist savoring the taste of just one of these special Diwali treats?

  • Tray of Sweet Tasting and Crispy Jalebis

This swirly shaped culinary masterpiece is a dessert to always cherish on Diwali. With swirly shaped battered flour, dipped into a sugary concentration of condensed milk and ghee mixture, the Jalebi is a sugary delicacy to never be less than delighted by on this grand eve.

  • Dish of Scrumptious and Mouth-Watering Ladoos

Ladoos are popular all over India.  Made from a mixing battered gram flour and saffron powder with butter, ghee and condensed milk, laddoos are a delicacy to always enjoy. Packaged in a box or a container, they are always a delight.

  • Creamilicious Bowl of Rasmalai to Whet The Taste Buds

Adding a teaspoon of lemon or vinegar and a dash of cardamom or elaichi to a bowl of sweetened milk, makes the taste of this truly delectable and savory. Enjoy the creamilicious of the sweetened milk mixture as it rolls in your mouth, filling your senses with sweet-tasting goodness.

  • Thali of Relishing Barfis to Satiate The Palate and The Soul

The variants of barfis are many, but they are all one of the finest culinary pleasures to gorge upon. Made with a combination of butter, sugar, and water, dripped in a cup of condensed milk, that is heated and then cooled to form cubes, the barfis are a savory sweet snack to always enjoy and relish, especially on Diwali.

  • Plate of Milky Pedas to Kindle The Sensation of Mouth-Melting Deliciousness

Made from a mixture of paneer dripped into a glass of condensed milk and shaped to form oval shaped sweets where they are garnished with some crunchy dry fruits, such as almonds, or pistachios, this savory delicacy is a definite treat.

  • Collection of Mouthwatering Traditional Pethas

Long, cylindrical, and sweet, these translucent sugary treats are always special to eat. Dipped and boiled in a concentrated sugar solution, and garnished with a number of delectable dry fruits, pethas are one of the finest treats to savor on the eve of Diwali.

  • Crunchy and Sweet Tasting Box of Mohanthal  

With a froth of condensed milk solution drowning this delicious sweet treat, and with an assortment of nuts embedded in it, the Mohanthal is always a treat to enjoy on such a special occasion like Diwali.

These treats are guaranteed to light up the joy of Diwali. Presenting them along with some exquisite Diwali gift ideas make all feel special.

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