9 Promises to Make with Each Other on Promise Day

Promise day is arriving. It’s the fifth day of Valentine’s week celebrated every year on 11th February. On this day, couples make lengthy promises to each other. And the intention behind making promises in a relationship is to make the bond stronger and happier. It is believed that when couples make promises to each other, they tend to show their commitment and honesty in a relationship. Some do with the help of a promise day gift like a bunch of roses, toffies, and other valuable gifts that he or she adores the most. On the other hand, some carry unusual activities or surprises to make their beloved happy. Once you fulfill the promise that you have made to your partner, your bond strengthens and your partner trusts you even more. So, here are some promises to gift to your partner. Let’s explore.

List of promises to make to your partner on the eve of promise day

1. I will be loyal to you always, no matter what comes


I will be loyal to you always, no matter what comes

Loyalty and fidelity are the two most important gems needed in every relationship. Thus, if you aren’t loyal to your partner you won’t be able to make the relationship a strong and happier one. So, if you are looking forward to making some promises to your partner on the eve of promise day, then include this one on your bucket list.

2. Together, we will face all problems – ups and downs

Another important thing in a relationship is that you need to support your partner, especially in tough times. Also, you need to ensure that you stand by your better half when he or she is going through some difficult stages in life. This can also be done with the help of promise day gifts like floral or chocolate bouquets.

3. Nothing will affect our bond, especially incidents from the past

You can make this promise to your partner to let him or her know that nothing will affect your relationship. And you shall never dig out the past and connect him or her with your ex. This will make your companion feel special and loved. Also, would take your relationship to new heights.

4. I will make sure to sort out the problems in a better way

I will make sure to sort out the problems in a better way

There could be times when either of you will get mad at the other one and in that case, it is utter foolishness to overreact. Instead, you can stay quiet and make your partner understand things. This is a big promise to make with each other and an ideal way to sort out things efficiently.

5. I promise to allow you to grow

Give your better half the freedom and encouragement to pursue what makes them come alive. You can cheer them rather than trying to control or hold them back. Try respecting your partner’s ability to make their own decisions and accept their growth as well.

6. I promise to face difficult conversations with any threat or accusations

Use clear and constructive communication when dealing with difficult topics. Approach each conversation with respect. Apologize if you have caused her pain and be open to repair if you have been hurt. Also, try to remain receptive to critical feedback even when it’s hard to hear and relay critical feedback in a way that can be heard.

7. I will quit drinking and smoking

If you are a person quite addicted to smoking and drinking, then you can think of defeating your weakness from now onwards. This will surely make her happy and fall for you again. You can also rely on tips from her or visit some health centers and grab the needed measures to quit this habit. 

8. I promise to live for us and our family

Remember, that now you are living for a family and not just for yourself. So, remember you shouldn’t make any major decisions without consulting your wife and that’s not a bad thing. You should openly discuss your needs, wants, hopes and dreams together and help your bond or relationship grow on common ground.

9. I will constantly find time to spend with you

No matter how hectic your work schedule is, you should always find some time to spend with your beloved. It’s one thing, which never returns when time passes on. So, don’t let time slip away. After a long day of work at the office, you should try to take your mate out for ice cream or a movie.

Summing up

Promise day celebration is specially meant for those who want to strengthen their relationship and build a trustful relation with their mates. So, if you wish to impress your partner present these gifts of words stated above that will help you bloom love in your relationship. You can also pick some classy gifts like flowers to make your day more colorful and vibrant.

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