9 Reasons why Gifting Alphonso Mangoes is a great Idea

In the Summers, amidst the scorching heat of the Sun and the hot dry winds, there is something that makes us not want to completely hate the harshness of this season and that is the arrival of our favourite fruit, Mango.


Apart from Bollywood, cricket, and politics, one thing that unites all the Indians is the love for the Mangoes. As it is always highlighted that India has an advantage over a lot of things following its geography, our topography enables us to enjoy mangoes with different flavours as they are cultivated in different areas, under different climates.

Among the melange of mangoes that includes Dussehri, Sinduri, Gujarati, Langra, Badami, Safeda and Chaunsa, whose availability may vary, there is one species that is a rare find.

Yes, we are talking about Alphonso Mangoes. This variety of mangoes grace us with their presence for barely a month each year and by bestowing their sweet flavour on us, they leave us wanting for more every time.

Mango is one fruit that is everyone’s favourite. In one way or the other, we all enjoy their taste. Since it is loved by all, it would be a perfect summertime gift.

Here are some points that will convince you to send a box of Alphonso Mangoes straight away.

Alphonso Mangoes

1. Alphonso Mango has a rich history with a touch of science behind its creation. It was introduced to Indians by Portuguese when they established their colonies here. They commenced the process of grafting that helped to produce the highest variety of Alphonso Mangoes in India.

2. Alphonso Mangoes derive their name from a Portuguese General and Military expert, Afonso de Albuquerque. It was named after him as he was the one responsible for the amalgamation of the Indian and the Portuguese cultures.

3. When it comes to sweetness, Alphonsos are considered to be the king of the fruit kingdom. They are the most sought after fruit when it comes to picking up something with tender pulp and velvety texture.

4. Their skin is bright yellow in colour and their flesh is saffron that makes them wonderful little gifts as they are appealing to the eyes.

5. A full ripe Alphonso is a rare find, gifting them shows that the person to whom you are sending these beauties hold a special place in your life.

6. Since they are not dominated by fibers alone, it makes them the first choice of the culinary masters to make desserts.

7. Their taste is a cross between peaches and honey which makes their taste unique

8. Since they are considered to be the king of the fruits, gifting them to a senior or a colleague shows the sign of respect as well.

9. Their fragrance is addictive and entwines the entire ambiance.

It is said that happiness waits for no man and the joy of gifting Alphonso Mangoes is a great joy. So, don’t think twice and experience this pleasure by ordering a box of Alphonso Mangoes for your special people.

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