9 Tourist Destinations You Must Visit Once In Your Life

There is no other planet than Earth in this universe that is attractive. The world is full of magnificent places to visit. It is the reason why you find it hard to prioritize the locations you want to travel to. Don’t get confused, here is the top selected best tourist destination in the globe. Take a glimpse at the features of the awesome places to be traveled with your loved ones or alone. Try exploring the world of beauty and destiny with any of the listed below places.

Banff, Canada

Are you looking for a tourist place that has natural and human-made beauty combined? Then Banff National park in Canada is a place worth visiting which is also known as “land of lakes”. The human-made Minniewanka Lake is the biggest lake in Banff. Other lakes are known for waterfalls, glaciers, and hiking in Banff. If you are a person who loves inspiring to observe mountains and lakes, take this opportunity to take in the view of lakes and the boundless sky in Banff National Park. Banff, Canada

Bali, Indonesia

It is one of the top most attractive and famous tourist places in the world. It is basically a paradise to wanderlust people. There are a lot of good vibe places in Indonesia, especially in Bali. You will find volcanoes, scuba diving regions, Mount Batur, Tanah Lot, and a lot of other places which are elegant and graceful. It is a bucket-list destination for many travel-loving persons. You can see the heart-throbbing images of Bali and the features in social media if you browse for it. Try visiting attractive locations in Bali and explore the beauty of nature. Bali, Indonesia

Kerala, India

Do you want to spend your valuable time with your family members in the loveliest place? Then it is better and best to book your ticket to Kerala! Well-known as God’s own country! There are a huge number of places to visit in this small state of India. The place is rich with natural vegetation and is the top tourist places to visit with family. A visit to Kerala would make you completely refreshed and rejuvenated with the impressive and romantic view of nature. There are some must-visit spots like Munnar, Alappuzha, Thekkady, and Wayanad in Kerala. Kerala, India

Lavender Field, France

Are you excited to have an eye-soothing sight that soothes your heart too? Then Provence in France is the correct place to visit. It is known for its lavender field across the world. Lavender festival is the most celebrated occasion in the place where a lot of tourists get attracted to the flowering season of lavender. The festival will aid you in understanding and in exploring the local tradition and listening to folk music. This is one of the places to visit once in a lifetime with your family or friends. Lavender Field, France

Cape Agulhas, South Africa

Are you aware of the characteristic feature of the place Cape Agulhas? If you look for the most searched and must visit places in world, Cape Agulhas will lead on the list. The dividing line between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean is this cape. The interesting view of the meeting of warm water of the Indian Ocean and the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean can be observed in this region. You will feel an overwhelming experience to stand in between the diving lines where the climate and temperature differences. Cape Agulhas, South Africa

The Great Wall Of China

It is one of the wonders of the world that China has. The impressive architectural marvel with the human hands behind it made it attractive and eye-catchy. The most colossal fact about this wall is that it took more than 1800 years to build the walls. And it is not a consistent wall but a collection of walls. Here you will have the opportunity to visit and get the knowledge of historical events and culture of China. Get stunned with the largely crafted walls stretched thousands of kilometers and kilometers. The Great Wall of China


The most attractive sight-seeing options and entertainment choices are provided in the Maldives. The breathtaking views will excite you for sure. It has the most delicate environment when compared to other natural tourist spots on the globe. There are club-like resorts and attractive hotels and guesthouses in the place where it will give a different experience of the luxurious visit. This place is most chosen by couples as their honeymoon venue. Maldives

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the most attractive Australian City which is blessed with a warm and mild climate. Your eyes will never get bored with the magnificent views of beaches. There are loaded art galleries and museums in Sydney which are the most popular destination for art-lovers. The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are the charms of Sydney. The place will never disappoint you with the spots. Sydney, Australia

Porto, Portugal

If you are looking for a perfect travel destination with all the ingredients to make the journey remarkable, choose Porto in Portugal. The greatest delight is the charismatic architecture and the shorelines. Exploring this place will be a heavenly treat for music lovers too. There will be live music at the street corners and you can also enjoy watching football matches. Porto, Portugal

Final Verdict

These are the most beautiful places to visit in world at least once in a lifetime. Hope this content has aided you in choosing the right place for your upcoming trips.