A daughter is one of the most beautiful Gifts this world gives us

We humans are surrounded by so many relationships – parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, uncles and aunts. And each of them has a special place and meaning in our heart and life. But one of the most loving and special relationship that we can have is with a daughter. Daughters complete us in all sense and as parents they are not only our child but grow to be our best friends. I never realised it till I had one. I am a very proud dad of a six year old daughter and I love her more than anything else in this world. daughters-day3 Anytime I feel disappointed, weak or unhappy, just a look at my daughter and it all goes away. I always find so much happiness in her and she truly is my inspiration. She returns my love ten folds and just a look at that innocent loving face and little body fills my heart with joy. Though of course, we love all our children equally be it boy or girl but with daughters we develop a very special bond of love and friendship that can only be experienced and not explained. I have understood this in all those years spending with my daughter.Even at this age she cares for me so much and treats me like a friend, telling me all her little secrets. Earlier, I had only heard that daughters grow to be our best friends and I now believe it with all my heart. A good talk, laugh and hug with her makes me forget all my tiredness and worry. Daughter is the most beautiful and eternal part of a parent’s life and that is why it gets so difficult to part with her when the time comes for her to leave. God has blessed all of us with a great gift called ‘daughter’ who gives us a thousand reasons to rejoice and love. Daughter is a favour of God we can never repay. Girls love their parents the same from birth to eternity and whatever corner of the world may she live, she is never away from parent’s heart. Having a daughter, I feel like a proud and happy man and pity those who haven’t experienced this beautiful bond yet. Send her Lovely gift by using MyFlowerTree