A Day For Love

    Amidst all the violence taking a toll on the world, there is atleast a day to celebrate the spirit of love, passion and romance. Valentine Day, a day celebrated every year on February 14, is dedicated to all lovers across the globe. Though love does not need a special day for celebration but it gives us all an opportunity to express those feelings, which stood for long in our hearts.


    History of this day dates back to 270 A.D. A Roman priest propagated love among those who were denied of it by the rulers. The priest was Saint Valentine who was later executed by the emperor. So, people started observing February 14 as Valentine Day in the name of that saint. Cupid, Roman god of love and his arrow, which strikes the heart of people making them victims of love, is the symbol of this day.
    Trends of celebrating the day have undergone a change over the centuries. Until 19TH century, it was just about the romantic couples who exchanged love through letters, poems and small gifts.
    With rapid modernization of the world, ways of celebrating love underwent a change. Now you can find hundred of ways to convey your love to that special one. An extensive variety of creative gifts available in market and special offers from every restaurant have added to the beauty of the day. For an entire week i.e. from February 7 to 14 streets breathes the love flowing in the air.
    Also, it is not just limited to couples. The day has got importance among almost every human relationship. People started wishing happy Valentine Day to anyone who holds a special place in their lives be it a friend, brother, mother, teachers or any other whom they consider special.

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