A Guide to Keeping Flowers Fresh and Blooming for an Extended Period

Gifts, especially a bouquet of flowers uplifts the mood instantly and if received on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or anniversary, it makes the moment more special and cherish-able because flowers symbolize love, affection, and care.

However, after the celebration, the moment you check that bouquet of flowers, it feels disheartening to see them losing their charm. In such situation, people wish they could keep the Valentine’s Day flower bouquet or those anniversary roses fresh, blooming, and vibrant for a few more days. So, if you want to feel the fragrance of your loved ones in those roses for a few more weeks, then this guide is for you as it explains how you can keep the floral bouquets stay fresh and last longer.

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Let us take a look at some easy tips that you can practice simply by using some household ingredients:

1. Soda can Keep your Flowers Garden-Fresh

Wait! Are you planning to throw out those last drops of soda? If yes, think for a while then! Just add one-fourth of a cup of water in a vase with the flowers in it. Add a few soda drops in it, the sugar content of the soda will keep the flowers fresh for a longer duration. In case your vase is transparent, use the clear soda so that water remains visible.

2. Hair Spray Treatment

Just like it preserves your hairs and helps them remain fresh, a spritz of hair spray on the underside of the leaves or the petals of the flowers will help them stay alive for a longer time.

3. Try a Little Vodka for Them

If you succeed in either stopping or minimizing the bacterial growth in the water which is there in the vase, then your flowers will probably stay fresh for a longer time. And a little amount of vodka along with a tablespoon of sugar will do the needful. Not only will it stop the bacterial growth but also help flowers getting the desired nutrients. Remember to change the water every day and do not forget to add the vodka and sugar again.

4. Aspirin is Beneficial for the flowers as well!

It is a well-known fact that aspirin is a tried-and-proven way to keep the flowers fresh for a longer duration. So, try adding crushed aspirin in the vase with flowers. And changing the water after two to three days will also help them remain fresh for a longer period.

5. Coins are what they need!

Coins (of copper) act as an acidifier, and they check the growth of the bacteria in the water. And hence, the flowers do not rot! You can even add sugar cubes in the flower vase with the flowers to help them retain freshness for a longer time.

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