A Salute To The Valiant Soldier- Hanumanthappa

Every night we sleep peacefully in the comfort of our homes with a sense of security, as our soldiers are wide-awake to guard the country from uninvited guests. These brave hearts fight their fate everyday to serve the motherland in most inhuman conditions and readily sacrifice their lives for it. February 3, 2016 will be looked upon as an unfortunate day by mother India as she lost her ten valiant sons including Lance Naik Hanumanthappa in the hands of nature at Siachen glacier.


He was the only soldier who was still alive when the rescue team unearthed him under the huge debris of ice. The entire nation was praying for him but unfortunately multiple organ failure led to his demise. But the courage he showed and his fight for life has found admirers all over the nation. To honour this bravery MyFlowerTree dedicates its whole collection of flowers as homage to the comrades who fell victim to vagaries of nature. The avalanche struck the military post on the northern part of the glacier, at a height of 19,600 feet. This is not the first time that nature has taken a toll on human life.

Siachen is the highest battlefield in the world. It is a region where the temperature dips to minus 50 degree in the night. Oxygen deprivation, frostbite and other climate related diseases make human existence next to impossible on the glacier. Both India and Pakistan should come on common consensus on making the land a no man’s land to prevent the highest costs of human life incurred on guarding Siachen.

Amidst all one cannot ignore the undaunted efforts put in by the Indian military in the search and rescue operation of those struck in the dreadful avalanche. At a place where standing for more than 30 minutes goes against the bearable temperature for human body, the soldiers refused to surrender the search of their counterparts. We salute this indomitable spirit of Indian soldiers.

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