Add the Green Touch to Your Home or Office Space: Best Indoor Green Plants

What can exude more elegance and delight than a green household plant? Filling its surroundings with radiance and grace, a green plant is a font of natural freshness, beauty, and eloquence. An aura of soothing delightfulness engulfs its surroundings, as it cleanses the air of all impurities, bringing harmony and joy to all in its vicinity.

Working tirelessly throughout day and night, nothing but a green plant can add a breath of fresh air into the staleness of the household atmosphere. Whether it a green potted plant placed in the balcony, or a plant placed on the corner of your office workspace, they are guaranteed to fill anyone with calmness, joy, and relaxation.

From purchasing indoor plants online and delivering them to your home, to getting them from your local nurseries, the ways by which you can acquire these plants are many. But whichever way you choose to get them, be sure that a green household plant is always delightful to possess.

Indoor Plants

The Most Beautiful Green Plants for Your Home or Office Space

Nothing spreads joy and delight more than a green plant. No matter where it is kept, from the corner of your office space, to your living room table, a green plant is truly one of the best natural delights to have.

Here are some of those wonderful green plants –

  • Green Aglonema

The green Aglomena or the Chinese evergreen is one of the most popular house plants. With large showy green leaves, speckled with multiple white spots and alternations, this plant is as tough and resilient, as it is beautiful to look at.

  • Green Fern

Do not be fooled by the cuteness of the tiny serrated leaves sprouting from a single green stem of the green fern. This plant is one of the most renowned natural air purifiers, always spreading freshness and purity to its surroundings. Available in an assortment of delightful colors ranging from yellow, to green, the green fern is truly a wonder to behold.

  • Sakura Bonsai

One of the most beautiful delights from the land of the rising sun – Japan, the Sakura bonsai is always a  spectacle to feast one’s eyes upon. With green leaves, dotted with pink cherry blossom flowers, this plant is a spectacle to behold.

  • Amazon Elephant’s Ear

Large, regal, majestic, and showy, one cannot help but be charmed by the beauty of this exotic Amazonian plant. With a distinct silver pattern forming across the leaf veins, the Amazon Elephant Ear plant is truly unique as it is delightful to have around.

  • Anthurium

The Anthurium or the Laceleaf plant is highly prized for its vibrant green leaves and the exotic brightly colored flowers that grow out from it. From red to pink, the colors of an anthurium flower is as visual striking, as is subliminal fragrance it lets out.

  • Bird of Paradise

Belonging to the Paradisaeidae family, these brightly multicolored beauties in shades of green, orange, blue, and pink plants are a true wonder to be dazzled by. Found primarily in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Eastern Australia, this rare and exotic houseplant is considered to be a natural masterpiece by many.

  • Green Oxycardium

With glossy green leaves, and shiny flower petals, none can be filled with anything less than splendor by a green oxycardium plant. Popularly nicknamed by many as the “sweetheart plant”, the leaves of this plant resemble a human heart making it one of the most perfect gifts online for your sweetheart.

Few natural wonders equal to the joy and delight exuded by a green plant. After all, it is as the esteemed poet and author Robert Louis Stevenson “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”

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