Adding a Touch of Sweet Magic on New Year with these Delicious Cakes

2017 is almost at its end. You will either be spending your New Year’s Eve partying outside with your friends or at home with friends and family. If you are planning to organize a party at home, then it would be a dull party if you do not order a cake. A New Year cake will make sure that you start 2018 on a sweet note. If you were to follow the old adage which says that the first thing you do on the first day of the year is what you do the whole year, then you better make sure you give a start to your New Year doing what you love: eating a dessert. And trust us; nothing can be a better choice of dessert than a scrumptious cake. Here some new year cake ideas for your New Year celebration:

New Year Cakes

1. No Plum Cake, no Merry

Plum cakes are for Christmas, but their scrumptious taste makes them the most preferred choice for other celebrations as well. It is rich in nuts and dry fruits which very-well complement the taste of the dried plum cake. Just like nuts enhance the taste of the plum cake, the plum cake will enhance the sweetness of your New Year’s Eve party.

2. CHIP-in with Chocolate Chip Cake

Who doesn’t like chocolates?! New Year celebration or any other celebration can become a lot more fun with a little chocolate, or loads of it! Let the rich taste of chocolate melt in your mouth while you step into the New Year still entranced by the heavenly richness of chocolate.

3. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with a Fruit Cake

You have made it! You have made through all the ups and downs that 2017 bestowed you with. You might have struggled a lot, you might have experienced a lot of hard time during the year and when the year is about to end, you deserve a treat. Celebrate the New Year bash with this delicious fruit cake.

If organizing the whole party is getting a bit hectic for you, even after seeking help from friends, then order your New Year Cake online and have it delivered to your home. Start your New Year with the sweetness of a cake!

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