All you need to know about Republic Day of India

    January 26, the Republic day of India has a lot more significance apart from just being a national holiday especially for the young generation of the country. Today, common outlook of youngsters for a day with which so much national pride is associated is disheartening. They look upon the day only as a bonus off from work. Updating their facebook status or putting the national flag as a display picture on whatsapp or putting a tweet stating their patriotism is the maximum they can do for this historic day of their motherland.

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    What they fail to realize is that the day was declared a national holiday to facilitate patriotic fervour of Indians including its young population. It is a day to be thankful to our freedom fighters for letting us take our first breath in a free India.

Here is everything you need to recall and remember about the Republic Day of India

  • In 1950, on this day the Constitution of India was adopted making the country a democratic republic. The date chosen was to remember that it was on January 26,1930 that Indian National Congress declared Purna Swaraj for Indians for the first time.
  • The constitution of India drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is the longest constitution in the world with almost 80,000 words in it. It provides the people of India with justice, liberty and equality.
  • Republic Day is one of the three national holidays, other two being Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. Celebrations of this national festival continue for three days. But the parade in front of the President of India at Rajpath in national capital is the salient one out of the three. Festivities come to an end with a Beating Retreat ceremony on January 29. Bands of three wings of military, Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air Force give mesmerizing performances at Raisina Hills with the President as guest of honour.
  • On this day, the President, to those who served the nation unconditionally, awards distinguished national awards such as Veer Chakra, Param Veer Chakra, Ashoka Chakra and others.

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