Birthday Gift Ideas for a Libra

It is the time to celebrate the Birthday of the balanced Libra. Venus’s child that loves the idea of being in love is ready for a birthday party. Yes, they are a little indecisive and stubborn, but they are never unfair. They are peaceful yet party animals; harmony seeker yet argumentative; dreamy yet practical; they give you the best of both worlds. If you want to make their Birthday exciting, gift them one of the following items.

1. Makeup 2

Libras are children of the Venus which makes it natural for them to be attracted towards beauty. They love everything pretty. It does not matter whether your Libra is a Man or a Woman, they would love to receive makeup as a gift. But, beware; this gift is only going to make them look even more irresistible.

2. Flowers 3

Receiving Flowers on one’s Birthday is a special feeling as they just make the day fresher and more fragrant. Following the Shakespearean romance that Libras expect, some Roses and Peonies would be perfect. Any colour of the flowers would be fine as far as they are impeccably wrapped.

3. Books 4

Libras inculcate a love for reading in the early stages of their life. This is common in most of them as they love to be in their own wonderland. The genres that would suit them are romance, fantasy and fiction. Any novel that provides them a chance to escape from the daily monotonous world would be the best.

P.S. No kindles for them

4. Clothes and Bags 5

Take them out on a Birthday shopping spree and they are going to love you for that. You will always find a Libra well-dressed. They think that it is important to look presentable. As far the choice goes, Libras can make any outfit look good. Just be classic when you are shopping for them. And yes, matching Bags are imperative!

5. Accessories 6

Libras like to look good from head to toe. Not just their outfits and bags, their accessories are amazing as well. So, you can gift them some accessories as well. Cufflinks, ties, jewellery, mobile covers; they love it all.

6. Shoes 7

If you find a girl walking extremely comfortably in the highest heels and a man in the best polished shoes, second guess yourself that it is a Libra. You can never go wrong with shoes if you want to make a Libra happy on their Birthday.

7. Perfume 8

It is an innate need of a Libra to beautify everything. They have really strong senses. Thus, to smell like a dream is always a priority for them. Therefore, some good perfume would be really appreciated by them.

Just one more thing, whatever you gift them, make sure that they are exquisitely wrapped in the most gorgeous gift wrap. They would love your gifts even more, then!