Bollywood’s most influential on-screen Female Teachers

We all know that a teacher is probably the most important entity in everyone’s life. They are responsible for shaping up our thought process and perspective. They introduce us to the wide spectrum of knowledge and help us to understand the world and the people in a better light. We will forever be grateful for the wisdom they shared with us.

Here we have a list of five most influential female Bollywood teachers for you.

1. Simi Grewal

banner2Simi Grewal is fondly remembered for her role in the Bollywood movie, Mera Naam Joker. She portrayed the role of young Raju’s (Rishi Kapoor) school teacher, Madam Mary. When a rather chubby Raju was dealing with the issue of self-consciousness, as he was always every student’s target of mockery, Mary helped her to find the confidence to face the world.

2. Aruna Irani


While Dil to Pagal Hai is true to form, a typical Yash Raj romantic movie but it was the character of Aruna Irani who guides Madhuri Dixit to follow her heart. She plays the role of Madhuri’s dance teacher who has not only taught her the art but the right way to live the life as well. If it wouldn’t have been the courage that she provided, the protagonists of the movie wouldn’t have confessed their true feelings.

3. Gayatri Joshi

banner4Gayatri Joshi might not have been commercially successful in Bollywood but her portrayal of Gita, Mohan’s (Shahrukh Khan) childhood friend, has been written in golden words. In a movie where there is the fight between wanting development for the self by migrating to better places and one’s duty towards improving the condition of ‘Swades’, she is the teacher who dedicates her life to educating the poor children of a village so that the future of the country is not illiterate.

4. Sushmita Sen

banner5Sushmita Sen in the movie, Main Hoon Na, is mostly remembered for her pretty sarees but it is the role of a helpful teacher that made us swoon. Since she is a young teacher, she connects well with her students. She isn’t only their Chemistry teacher but a friend too who helps them in their personal life as well.

5. Kareena Kapoor

banner3Not just once but Kareena Kapoor played the role of a teacher twice. We see her as a strong professor of Delhi University who is dedicated and ethnic in every sense in the movie, Kurbaan. Then, she is seen as a primary school teacher in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Here she is seen as a sweet one who teaches not to differentiate people on the basis of religion.

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