Cakes to say I LOVE YOU this Valentine’s Day

Speaking your heart out is not always easy, even if you have been together for several years. That is why many people take the help of gifts, hoping that the gift will convey the message their words cannot. Some buy flowers. Some write a poem. Some sing a song. Some even write a song, and then sing it. But not everyone can write and/or sing, and flowers do not always suffice. Sometimes, you need something more. One gift that you can consider to express your true love is a cake. It is sweet, just like your love, and is perhaps one of the best ways to speak your heart out. Now that the Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, it is the perfect gift to express your love. So to help you out, here are some cake ideas to say I Love You, this Valentine’s Day.

1. Heart-Shaped Strawberry Jelly Cake

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Jelly Cake

This is a cake with a twist. It is a cake which your valentine would be surprised to see. The cake has a strawberry sponge as base and jelly frosting. It is one-of-a-kind cake which will truly surprise your valentine and express your love to him/her. The cake is succulent and both you and he/she would love to eat it.

2. Heart-Shaped Rainbow Cake

Heart-Shaped Rainbow Cake

Nothing will express your love better than a heart-shaped cake. Just like a rainbow has 7 different colors for the eyes to see, this cake has 7 different colors for the eyes to see as well, and 7 different delicious flavors. Each color and taste depicts different emotion. The cake is vibrant in color and delicious, and it will make your relationship colorful. And this is perhaps the best cake to start a relationship. So, you can say ‘I Love You’ to your crush with this cake, and she/he might say yes.

3. Blueberry Heart- Shaped Cake

Blueberry Heart- Shaped Cake

A cheesecake is perhaps the best cake ever. And there is no denying that. Although chocolate cakes are preferred by many, it is only by people who haven’t had a cheesecake yet. And if you get a blueberry cheesecake to say I Love You, there is no reason the person will say no to you. The cake is juicy and scrumptious that both you and he/she will keep eating it. The cake is appealing to both eyes and tongue.

You do not need to spend a lot on a Valentine’s Day Gift to say I Love You. Buy a ‘sweet’ cake for him/her and it will be enough to express your love.

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